[Chanel] Liquid Mirror (#540)

Liquid Mirror. I like grey and silver on my nails, at least from time to time; moreover, silver is rare in collections, regarding nail colour. Liquid Mirror is a silver foil, flashy yet elegant.

liquid mirror540_zpsmub2tlu8

Two coats shown below.

liquid mirror540 1_zpsbeql8exn

liquid mirror540 3_zpsfuixazf9

liquid mirror540 4_zpsmkgh9pvm

liquid mirror5402_zpsnodekxec

Close-up view.


This is how Liquid Mirror relates to other silver shades: Silver, Intemporel, Liquid Mirror and Miroir.




3 thoughts on “[Chanel] Liquid Mirror (#540)

  1. What an interesting comparison! Liquid Mirror is so far the most wearable, I think the other ones are too pale, while Dior Miroir is a kind of “special event shade”. 😉
    Liquid Mirror compliments your skin tone perfectly… I’m not lucky with silver tones 😦


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