[Chanel] Distraction (#549)

I remember that I, for sure, applied Distraction after its release in 2012 – but as I didn’t find any entry in this little web space, nor draft, I must have forgotten to take photos. However, Distraction is a beautiful coral shade with pink shimmer, which I am finally presenting.


Application was two coats. Daylight and cinnamon ice cream. :mrgreen:


distraction549 5

distraction549 6

distraction549 7

distraction549 8

Artificial light

distraction549 1

distraction549 2

distraction549 4


distraction549 m


[Dior] Plaza (#579)

Plaza. This is one of those polishes of my stash I’ve had for years but didn’t realise I never wore them. So when I checked my swatches with my actual nail varnish list, I came across Plaza, which is a beautiful pink.


Honestly, I can’t tell why I had never applied this. Shown below is two coats, really bright shade.






[Chanel] Délicatesse

Délicatesse (of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out of 2012), one of those shades I thought I had already posted – but no. So here comes this muted rosewood.


Two coats applied – photos have been taken only recently when visiting my mother. 🙂

delicatesse n1_zpsvmzrnd62

delicatesse n2_zpsz4x6lcvu

delicatesse n3_zps1jtdpdpg

delicatesse n4_zpsfabnr6qg
delicatesse n5_zpsao7nl4yt

[Yves Saint Laurent] Parme Graffiti (13)

Parme Graffiti is a lilac shade (not really pastel).

Parme Graffiti

Two coats applied. I don’t really know what to say more, except for the usual thing – the formula of YSL polishes being great, and the flat and broader brush makes them easy to apply. 🙂 I liked Parme Graffiti but I am not wearing lilacs too often.

Parme Graffiti

Parme Graffiti

Parme Graffiti

Parme Graffiti

[A England] And the Moonbeams … (over Dior Carré Bleu)

I was in the mood of layering, probably because of the pre-Christmas period and my resulting passion for glittery and sparkly manis. As for And the Moonbeams, I purchased this almost exactly two years ago and remember wearing it solo (but obviously did not take photos). Since then, it had been waiting patiently in my stash for its perfect moment. The colour is a rather sheer pale gold glitter combo.

I decided to combine it with Dior Carré Bleu, thus two coats of Carré Bleu and one coat And the Moonbeams. Loved the result!

Artificial light.

Close-up view.