[Dior] 12 A.M. (#807)

Nail colours for autumn are available now, so let’s have a look at 12 A.M. – which is the actual name of this dark grey.

12 am 807

What you don’t see from the bottle is the jelly-crème hybrid formula, delivering a glossy gel-like look after application. Shown below is two coats.

12am807 1

12am807 2

12am807 3

12am807 4

As the photos were taken at my usual swimming pool, here’s another picture from the underground ride back home …


… but first, I had a Starbucks: Cookies & Cream (obviously limited and available during the summer).


12 A.M., in my view, looks very elegant – because it’s not pure black, making a small difference. I’m considering it for Fantasy Filmfest, which will start in less than four weeks in Hamburg.


[Chanel] Pure White (#711)

Finally, a new post! It’s been a while, I know. In the meantime I went swimming and I mean I spent quite a lot of time at the pool, improving my freestyle and butterfly strokes. And I enjoyed the summer, i. e. I am still enjoying it, meeting up with time and spending time outside.

Nevertheless I managed to get the fall collections by Chanel and Dior, so let’s start with Pure White, which is – white. You might know that white is one of my favourite nail colours, and I wear it quite a lot.


Two coats applied – flawless application and great formula!

purewhite711 0

purewhite711 1

purewhite711 2

purewhite711 3

purewhite711 4

To complete this, my favourite white is Dior Snow-White because most white nail varnishes tend to have a streaky or application and leave patches. Snow-White doesn’t and it needs only two coats. Pure White, however, comes very close to it, in fact, the only difference I note is the brush. So if you are looking for a white nail colour, pick this one.

[Chanel] Holographic

I finally put on legendary Holographic from the Duo Platinum Set – holographic silver, there’s probably no more to say -, which I bought ages ago from Valerie, a fellow Mensan and Chanel collector, but without realising at first that is was her (I just found the name familiar 😉 ). Here it is.


Two coats shown below, no top coat. I also forgot about the aqua basecoat and used a regular base. Still the holographic effect is more than stunning!





Close-up picture.

holographic m

[Chanel] Purple Ray (#709)

Although I’ve worn Purple Ray a couple of times so far, I could not manage to take proper photos during daylight. So I’ll be showing you the ones taken under artificial lighting, but bringing out the colour, which is a muted lilac and purple.

purple ray709

Application was two coats.

purpleray709 0

purpleray709 1

purpleray709 2

purpleray709 3

purpleray709 4

Yes, this was actually taken outside but I had to flee from a far too cloudy sky.

purpleray709 5

[Chanel] Radiant Rouge Noir (#733)

Sorry for the rare posts but I am currently spending the summer at out house in Lower Saxony, escaping the big city life, and I’m not trying new nail colours here – but who knows, I’ll be checking out the local drugstore again on Wednesday.

Radiant Rouge Noir is the metallic version of iconic Rouge Noir (click here for the 2016 version), which has always been part of my very own inner circle of favourite nail colours. 😉 Hence, the base of Radiant Rouge Noir is dark red, enriched with golden and red shimmer.

radiant rougenoir733

Two coats shown below.

radiant rougenoir733 0

radiant rougenoir733 1

radiant rougenoir733 2

radiant rougenoir733 3

radiant rougenoir733 4

I tried to take photos outside the next day but we have the bin romantic again.

radiant rougenoir733 5

radiant rougenoir733 6

Close-up photo.

radiant rougenoir733 m