[Chanel] Radiant Arancio (#729)

Radiant Arancio is the metallic version of Arancio Vibrante, in case you find this bright orange familiar. This one comes a golden shimmer, which is subtle yet visible.

radiant arancio729

As for the initial ahde, I liked it very much, and hence the same applies to Radiant Arancio. Here is two coats.

radiant arancio729 0

radiant arancio729 1

radiant arancio729 3

radiant arancio729 4

Close-up of the golden shimmer.

radiant arancio729 m


[Chanel] Afterglow (#703)

Afterglow is from the summer (or “Cruise”) collection. It’s a nude beige with subtle golden shimmer – and at least semi-sheer.


When looking at the bottle, you hardly notice the shimmer, and it won’t really show up on the nails too, but it’s there.

afterglow703 0

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful, neutral colour, going perfectly with my skin tone. I am pretty tanned now. Because Afterglow is so sheer, I applied three coats and there is still a visible nail line. This shade must look god with French nails, using two or just one coat.

afterglow703 1

afterglow703 2

afterglow703 3

afterglow703 4

At home, inside.

afterglow703 5

Close-up photo.

afterglow703 m

[Chanel] Radiant Red (#731)

My latest red Chanel nail colour; Radiant Red is another of those shades exclusive to the webshop and Beauty Boutiques. The colour is metallic red.

radiant red731

This small collection is amazing, great formula. Shown below is two coats, but this too was opaque with the first coat.

radiant red731 0

radiant red731 1

radiant red731 2

radiant red731 3

radiant red731 4

Artificial lighting.

radiant red731 5

radiant red731 6

Close-up view.

radiant red731 m

I took the daylight photos above at the swimming pool again, with my  colourful TYR rucksack next to me. 😉 Love this style.


[Dior] Wild Earth (#826)

Wild Earth; this is a classic crème finish brown. While it goes well with my tanned skin, it’s probably not everyone’s favourite. I like wearing bronze and brown shades during the summer.

wild earth826

Application was two coats.

wild earth826 1

wild earth826 2

wild earth826 3

wild earth826 4

I’ll be showing you more phos of Wild Earth topped with Sun Glow shimmer coat soon. 😎

[Chanel] Radiant Verde (#723)

Chanel’s latest release is six ‘radiant’ shades, alluding to already existent colours. I bought them at Beauty Boutique Hamburg at the beginning of the week, and the first shade I tried is Radiant Verde, the shimmer version of Vert No. 19. Hence this one is a blend of mint and turquoise green too, and golden shimmer was added.

radiant verde723

I can’t say why I expected a formula more on the sheerer side, but much to my surprise, Radiant Green is actually a one-coater! (Exclamation mark quite necessary. 😉 ) With just one coat it is fully opaque. To achieve a more even result, shown below is two coats. I also apologise for the bins in the background; our neighbour had the hedge and bushes removed. 😦

radiant verde723 0

radiant verde723 1

radiant verde723 2

radiant verde723 3

radiant verde723 4

Artificial lighting.

radiant verde723 5

radiant verde723 6

Close-up photo.

radiant verde723 m

[Dior] Coraloha (#567)

I check the Dior website regularly, for new releases and inspiration. Hence I found Coraloha, a semi-sheer coral base with golden and coral glitter particles. I don’t know the collection it belongs to – any suggestions welcome -, I just ordered it because I noticed that I needed it for my stash, and I don’t know whether it’s meant to be used as a topper either.


Since it’s really sheer, this is three coats, still with visible nail line.

coraloha567 1

coraloha567 2

coraloha567 3

coraloha567 4

But the colour is pretty and the glitter makes it somehow special. Here it is outside under natural light.

coraloha567 5


coraloha567 m

[Essence] Mrs. Brightside

We’re having the best sunny weather today, loving it! 😎 I already went swimming (the outdoor pools are open now) and sadly we’ll be going back to Hamburg later during the afternoon. But I am going to collect new Chanel nail colours from the Beauty Boutique tomorrow, so it’s worth the ride back.

Here’s a nail colour perfect for hot summer days, Mrs. Brightside. Bright, flashy yellow – just what you might expect regarding the name.

mrs. brightside

Two coats shown below.

mrs brightside1

mrs brightside2

mrs brightside3

mrs brightside4

mrs brightside5

Still standing out under artificial lighting.

mrs brightside6