[Dior] Sensual (#687)

Sensual is a berry-toned foil I ordered from Dior’s online shop.

Application was two coats.

Tried to take some photos during daylight, but inside.



[Dior] Splendid (#649)

Splendid. This is hard to describe, perhaps coral pink with foil finish comes close to this colour. Maybe that’s why I posted so many photos, so that you might figure out yourself. 😉 I don’t even know which collection Splendid belongs to; I had noticed it on the Dior website as online-exclusive.

Two coats applied. It’s sparkly and dries fast.

Artificial light.


[Ciaté] Cutie Pie

I was in the mood for a neutral tone, someday during the summer holidays. I had worn so many bright and sparkly colours, and because the sun was shining every day, I could not resist a more natural look. This is Cutie Pie (the mini bottle), a semi-sheer nude pink.

cutie pie

Three coats shown below. Of course, this would go well with French manicure.








[Dior] Lucky Star (#001)

First things first: Happy Halloween!


But apart from this, I also have a nail polish to show or, to be more precise, a top coat. Lucky Star contains glitter of various shapes (bars, round glitter and even stars, in gold and silver) and sizes in a transparent base.

lucky star001

Here it is dabbed over my Audace manicure, and I only applied it to the bottom part of my nails.

luckystar001 1

luckystar001 2

luckystar001 3

luckystar001 4

Close-up (otherwise it would be hard to identify the glitter, I guess).

luckystar001 m

As for the little Halloween scenery, it might get even scarier. 😉 No nail colours but tons of treats in the bag!


[Dior] Triomphe (#760)

Next one of the Holiday Collection is Triomphe, which I am wearing right now, having applied it only last night. It’s metallic red.


Looks very much like Christmas, don’t you think? Hence, Triomphe might indeed become my pick for Christmas eve.

triomphe760 1

triomphe760 2

triomphe760 3

triomphe760 4

Artificial light.

triomphe760 5

triomphe760 6

triomphe760 7

Close-up with the fine shimmer and slight metallic effect.

triomphe760 m