[Dior] Camel (#224)

Camel was, as far as I’ve heard, released for Fashion’s Night Out 2019. However, I purchased it online from the Dior webshop. It’s a light peach with golden glassflecks.


Sorry for the bad light but days have been rainy recently, so it’s hard to take photos outside. Two coats shown below.

camel224 1

camel224 2

camel224 3


camel224 m


[Essence] Sweet Like Berries

Finally an Essence varnish from the lates limited (or, “trend”) edition, Sweet Like Berries. Hence the shade itself is actually a muted berry with probably a hint of cinnamon, and it’s cinnamon-scented too. So really something for the current season.

sweet like berries

Two coats applied. It’s a smooth crème finish.






[Essence] Miss Universe

Season is getting more glittery, so here is Miss Universe, packed with blue and green (teal) glitter and, moreover, a purple shimmer. This isn’t available anymore, I regret. You might notice the old bottle design. But I’m still wearing this pretty colour from time to time, of course.

miss universe_zpsgk8isbmf

Two coats shown below.





Close-up photo.

missuniverse m

[Manhattan] Purple Poetry

Look what I found in my stash – in the meantime, Manhattan have changed their bottle design ages ago, and there are still nail varnishes in my collection I hadn’t applied yet. Purple Poetry has a purple base enriched with pink and blue glassflecks.


Two coats shown below under artificial lighting.



Close-up photo.


[Chanel] Pure Black (#713)

New photos, it’s been a while, so thanks for stopping by. But I don’t want to bother you with my current state – loss, coping with suicide, everything turned upside down. It’s basically a nightmare happening since 9 September.

So, on to Pure Black (it’s in the name).

pure black713

Two coats shown below, and the green shimmer is the reflection of my phone case …

pureblack713 0

pureblack713 1

pureblack713 2

pureblack713 3

pureblack713 4

[Dior] 9 A.M. (#881)

I owe you 9 A.M., the forth of Dior’s nail colours for autumn. It’s a dusty plum and a bit on the darker side, giving it a classy touch.

9 am 881

Two coats shown below; the sky was cloudy and I was hoping to catch a ray of sunlight … should have tried at 9 am probably. :mrgreen: Or just be wearing this again.

9 am 881 1

9 am 881 2

9 am 881 3

9 am 881 4