[China Glaze] You’re A Mean One

This one is dedicated to the Grinch too: You’re A Mean One. One might probably expect a mean green shade, but it’s a purple-eggplant fusion with a slight copper shimmer.

youre a mean one

Application was two coats.

youre a mean one1

youre a mean one2

youre a mean one3

youre a mean one4


youre a mean one m

youre a mean one5


[China Glaze] Deliciously Wicked

I was at Fantasy Filmfest White Nights during the weekend (of course; I’ve mentioned it before), with Deliciously Wicked on my nails. Horror film festivals seem a perfect opportunity for glitter nails because nobody would think it’s strange matching them with Metal band shirts (mine was Arch Enemy, on the first day). As always, I had Bäri Bäri with me.


But this is about Deliciously Wicked. It has a light blue base (pearl finish by the way, I’ve never had this before with glitter nail varnishes), which is semi-shee and contains silver holographic glitter. It’s just awesome.

deliciously wicked

deliciously wicked5

Two coats applied and, yes, it’s from the Grinch collection.

deliciously wicked1

deliciously wicked2

deliciously wicked3

deliciously wicked4

I am happy to include a daylight picture: This is on day 3, the day after White Nights, the mani still looking great.

deliciously wicked6

Close-up photos.

deliciously wicked m1 deliciously wicked m2

[Dior] Enchanted (#229)

Here’s Enchanted, probably best described as pale rosewood beige (dusty undertone too) spotting a slight shimmer – there are bits of tiny silver glassflecks. It’s more on the neutral side and thus fit for any occasion.


I ordered this from the Dior website, but as far as I know it’s been available at selected boutiques for Fashion’s Night Out, so it has probably sold out that very same night. However, getting it online wasn’t a problem (although it’s filed under “exclusivity”, you might check it out). Application was two coats.

enchanted229 1

enchanted229 2

enchanted229 3

enchanted229 4

enchanted229 5

Macro photo because you might have noticed that the shimmer is not really prominent on the nail.

enchanted229 m

I like Enchanted. It’s pale but not pastel and looks good on everyone I guess.

[Chanel] Flamme Rose (#87)

Another week has passed since my last post. I’m back in Hamburg, and Fantasy Filmfest White Nights will take place this weekend. Of course I am going; I love films and cinema. My parents loved to watch movies when they were young (at least my mother – they were 16 years apart), so I definitely got my film addiction from them.

Shown in this post is a nail colour which I’ve had in my collection for some years, but untouched: Flamme Rose. Finally it’s on my nails, the colour is the palest pink.

flamme rose

Flamme Rose has a semi-sheer base, so this is three coats, but still with a visible nail line. Nevertheless, very classy look.

flamme rose87 1

flamme rose87 2

flamme rose87 3

flamme rose87 4

Sparks Divine (old batch) again

Hello again and Happy New Year! I am so glad that 2018 is finally gone and am eager to see what 2019 will bring.

I don’t have new photos to show because I have not yet tried any new varnishes, but I found an old draft of Sparks Divine in my stash (link to original post). This is the old version of this colour (I don’t own the new release), with only little bits of glitter showing after application, with probably two coats shown below.

Close-up photo.

Today, and before 1pm, I went shopping, swimming and see the undertaker; in the afternoon, I was at the graveyard. It’s been a bit windy, but overall a lovely day with a clear blue sky.


The town is Nienburg at river Weser (Lower Saxony, Germany),with a population of about 33,000. It’s cute with a beautiful medieval city centre. The photo shows a hotel next to the theatre (announced on the flags), which is also close by the swimming bath.

[China Glaze] Grinchworthy

Finally, this year is about to come to an end. I’m so looking forward to 2019; there’s nothing I am going to miss regarding 2018. Tomorrow will be my last swim of the year. Since my mother died, I spend lots of time in the swimming pool, refining my strokes and loving it. I’ll also get some chocolate-filled and piggy-shaped doughnuts afterwards, which are sold at the local bakery, and they look so tasty.

Probably the last post for this year is Grinchworthy. I haven’t brought any new (i.e. not yet tried) colours here, but the rest of the Grinch collection, as well as two Diors I had bought just before the loss of my mother (I unpacked them only recently) are waiting in Hamburg. As for Grinchworthy, expect a green base, which is packed with golden and green glitter.


See for yourself – two coats shown below.







grinchworthy m

Since I won’t be posting tomorrow, to bring this year to an end: Thank you so much for following, stopping by and reading my posts. It means a lot to me and I hope to welcome you again next year. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and may all you wish for, and our resolutions, come true in 2019.

[China Glaze] Ho! Ho! No.

I sat the new Grinch animated film today, and had such a wonderful time. The film is so sweet. After two days in Hamburg, we’ll be going to my mother’s place (I still call it like that, it’s still her house, although she spent her last four years in the nursing home), until the beginning of January.

A colour which is totally Christmas is Ho! Ho! No. It’s classic red with small golden glitter particles.

Ho Ho No

Here’s two coats, and the location is before Alsterschwimmhalle swimming bath in Hamburg, my favourite place in town (apart from cinemas). So, this photo was taken after a swim.

ho ho no6

To me, the finish seems “naturally gritty”, i. e. I think Ho! Ho! No. is meant to be a sand polish. This is how I preferred it, without top coat.

ho ho no1

ho ho no2

ho ho no3

ho ho no4

Here it is smoothed out with top coat, making it look more like a regular red nail colour with a tad of sparkle.

ho ho no5 top coat

Close-up photo.

ho ho no mjpg

ho ho no5a

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Holidays, be happy and spend as much time together as possible. Life’s so precious.