Wallis Again

It’s been a while … but Wallis made it on my nails again. This is such a pretty colour and I am still overwhelmed by the olive green base, that’s why I just had to post these photos.


Two coats applied, as usual.





Love the glitter, here’s another close-up.

wallis m

[Chanel] Vibration (#761)

Happy 2021! I’m a bit late but hope you had a smooth transition, and I wish you an amazing and fulfilled New Year. Although I really liked 2020 (because I could spend so much time at home, doing things I like, and I still went swimming and could participate in all of my favourite film festivals), I welcome 2021 and see what it brings.


Since I am still in Nienburg with no new nail polishes, here is finally Vibration, with photos I took during summer. So this is quite a cut regarding New Year’s Day and the current, snowy weather. But I miss summer, and Vibration could be a pick for winter days too because this raspberry shade is so bright.


Application was two coats.

vibration761 0

vibration761 1

vibration761 2

vibration761 3

Artificial light. On my list for this year a lightbox can for sure be found. 😎

vibration761 4

vibration761 5

vibration761 6

[Chanel] Chaîne d’Or (#773)

Hello Dear Readers – I hope you are doing fine! I was a bit lazy (regarding the blog) but busy at the same time because there’s always so much to do in the house (I put up some blinds) and around, and I am still enjoying the time in Nienburg.

It’s a bit late for posting Chaîne d’Or because this was meant for Christmas. But with its golden shimmer it might be fit for New Year’s Eve too.


Two coats applied. This is a gold which looks actually good with my skintone (hence not too yellow-ish).

chainedor773 1

chainedor773 2

chainedor773 3

chainedor773 4

chainedor773 0


chainedor773 m

I won’t be doing much tomorrow. There will be a Mensa Online Party on Discord, to celebrate NYE together and I might be joining or at least pop in temporarily. And baking either some apple tarts or a Red Velvet Cake, let’s see. Or post another nail varnish! 🙂

[Dior] Golden Snow (#001)

This year’s effect top coat of the Dior Holiday Collection is Golden Snow. It’s glassflecks in a transparent base are somewhat iridescent, shifting between white and gold.


Shown below is one coat of Golden Snow over Red Wonders. Beautiful combination, don’t you think?

goldensnow001 redwonders01

goldensnow001 redwonders2

For whatever reason, I didn’t do a closeup but will certainly wear this mani again. I’m in Nienburg now. Germany is in another lockdown and I enjoy being in a small town (this time it’s a more or less proper lockdown, still with many exceptions, but by far better than the so-called “lockdown light” which felt as if only swimming pools had to close). Stay safe!

[Dior] Red Wonders (#767)

Here we have a classic red, which might become my nail colour for Christmas. Although I have loads of reds, they are all different – and I am still happy about every new addition.


Two coats applied. Can’t get enough of the cute bauble-shaped bottles too. 🙂

redwonders767 1

redwonders767 2

redwonders767 3

redwonders767 4

[Dior] Dark Nights (#997)

Finally managed paying a visit to Nienburg, and I am glad that I made it here because I had such a bad conscience regarding the graves and I really wanted to set up the Christmas decoration in the house. The weather wasn’t so nice during this weekend, with rain every day, but I was happy being around here because it is definitely calmer and safer than Hamburg and people tend to stick to Corona restrictions (while in Hamburg, you still see many groups and streets are always busy).

So I spent a good deal of my time with gardening and on the graveyard and plan to come back in about two weeks, staying until New Year’s.

Not sure about this year’s nail colour for Christmas yet, I have Dark Nights to present, which is a very dark plum with a subtle burgundy shimmer.


It is stunning and a bit on the vampy side I think. Really pretty and would make a perfect Christmas colour. Shown below is two coats.

darknights997 1

darknights997 2

darknights997 3

darknights997 4


darknights997 m

[trend it up] #156

Hope you are all enjoying the Advent season, even though the nail colour I’m presenting today matches everything but Christmas … #156 (I didn’t find a name on the bottle) by trend it up (which is a drugstore brand by retailer “dm”) throws us back to summer. With its bright blue colour, containing a slight hint of turquoise, and packed with glassflecks, this makes me miss the swimming pool even more!


Two coats applied. Since this is a perfect summer hue, photos were taken during summer.

156 1

156 2

156 3

156 4

156 5


156 m

Bleached Mauve again

Bleached Mauve isn’t new, and I had kind of promised to post this again but with better (daytime) light. So here are new photos, taken while the sun had come out for a few moments. 😎


Sounds strange but this was my actual Halloween nail colour this year. My costume, or better: Cosplay, was Mitsuri from Demon Slayer, who doesn’t seem to wear nail polish, and that’s why I chose a more neutral shade.


Bleached Mauve is still a perfect neutral for my skintone, you guys might remember that I already liked it when I first presented this back in February 2019.



[China Glaze] I Just Canterlot

I saved I Just Canterlot for the autumn season because glitters help me through the stormy and darker season. This one has a purple semi-transparent base and contains loads of holographic glitter.

i just canterlot

Two coats applied. Photos were taken while the sun showed up.

i just canterlot1

i just canterlot2

Different (natural) light. You’ll probably don’t need any coloured base for this but I guess it might look amazing over black or even white too.

i just canterlot3

i just canterlot4

Last but not least, artificial lighting.

i just canterlot5

i just canterlot6

i just canterlot7

i just canterlot8


i just canterlot m2 i just canterlot m1

[Chanel] Harmony (#755)

November already and we are right in a mini lockdown (which doesn’t feel real, as long as schools stay open and working from home is not granted by certain institutions). There were quite some incidents; I learnt that a COVID-positive person had been at a swimming pool I went to while I couldn’t use public transport (because they were affected by a strike). So it was just an exception, but with consequences, obviously. In the end, my COVID-test was negative but that’s how fast one can get involved although I am usually super careful and rarely go out anyway. Moreover, I was told only about twelve days after the incident, so if I had known on time, I would have cancelled any other activity. Even I went out quite a lot, I was at Chanel, went for groceries, attended a small meeting of Mensa (just five people, all working from home and being extra careful). While I was waiting for my test result, I stayed home of course.

But since it’s a mini lockdown until the end of this month, pools are closed and I miss swimming … even though I know that restricting contacts is the best thing to do now. While I spent the lockdown in March in Nienburg, I’ll stay at Hamburg now because the government recommends that we avoid unnecessary travelling, and I don’t want to go by train and through regions with very high COVID-19 infection rates (although Hamburg itself belongs to those).

That was a long introduction … now on to the actual topic, which is Chanel Harmony, a petrol cream.


Two coats shown below. (The rest of this post is going to be short, haha. 😎 )

harmony755 0

harmony755 1

harmony755 2

harmony755 3

harmony755 4

It’s not a typical colour for autumn I guess, and photos were taken during summer, but still it is a bright colour, which will stand out.

Stay safe!