[Chanel] Fuchsine (#29)

I went through my Chanels and realised that I had neither posted nor worn Fuchsine yet, so here it is. It’s a vintage colour, wine red with purple, as well as a slight but visible blue and purple shimmer. As for the exact release date, I have no clue.


Formula is still good, i .e. like new. Two coats applied.

fuchsine29 1

fuchsine29 2

fuchsine29 3

Artificial light.

fuchsine29 4

fuchsine29 5


fuchsine29 m


[Ciaté] Chinchilla

My Ciatés (more or less the minis from their first advent calendars) are at my mother’s house and I recently discovered them again. Although this one is called Chinchilla, it’s the perfect dove grey.


Application was two coats – and finally, garden photos in the sunshine again. 😎






Black Magic (Wet n Wild) again

I’m at my mother’s for almost one week and it’s so peaceful and calm here. Lots of space, fresh air and my favourite swimming bath. I did my nails with Ciaté Chinchilla a couple of days ago but forgot to take photos – it’s a dove grey, which I will certainly be wearing again.

In my drafts I found these photos of Black Magic, probably taken sometime in spring. As always, two coats applied.

blackmagic n1

blackmagic n2

blackmagic n3

blackmagic n4

blackmagic n5


blackmagic m1

[Essence] Mauve-llous Fairy

I’ve added this to my stash in 2015 and indeed never got to wear it – until two weeks ago. Mauve-llous Fairy has a slightly transparent mauve base, which is filled with mauve, silver and lilac glitter.

mauve-llous fairy

To achieve opaqueness (it wouldn’t get really opaque), I used three coats. No problem because Mauve-llous Fairy dries quickly.

mauve-llous fairy1

mauve-llous fairy2

mauve-llous fairy3

mauve-llous fairy3a

Artificial light.

mauve-llous fairy4


mauve-llous fairy m

[Chanel] Halo (#610)

Here’s Halo. Not really my kind of preferred colour (but only because I didn’t like it with my tanned olive skintone) but pretty in its bottle and of course beautiful. Halo has a light pink base but contains a touch of salmon pink too.


Two coats applied.

halo610 0

halo610 1

Artificial lighting.

halo610 2>

halo610 3

halo610 4