[China Glaze] Too Busy Being Awesome

Too Busy Being Awesome. I like this colour, utterly amazing cyan, and I regret that I left it in Hamburg. Since homeschooling will last until at least mid-April, we decided to stay in my small hometown until further notice. It would be too risky going back, even for one day or just a few hours, to sort things out. Too many are infected.

too busy being awesome

Two coats applied (photos were taken like two weeks ago – artificial light).

too busy being awesome1

too busy being awesome2

too busy being awesome3

too busy being awesome4

too busy being awesome5

[Dior] Perfect Peach (#446)

As soon as I chose working from home (yes, it’s because of Coronavirus – our institute won’t be operating as usual at least until the end of April), we left Hamburg, in order to spend the rest of this month in Lower Saxony. I feel safer here, it’s a small town, we have the garden and much more space than in Hamburg. Once here, Hamburg feels so far away. This morning, there were hardly people at the normally much-frequented main station (Hauptbahnhof), but many wore protective masks or, which I’d never seen in Hamburg before. I was glad that trains were operating as usual – and the more when we finally arrived at Nienburg.

Nail varnish – and photo blogs – aren’t that important these days and the only colour I took with me (although I have some older Ciaté bottles here) is Chanel Pure Black. Anyway, there are still a few posts in the drafts – starting with Perfect Peach, which was released in January. The name reveals that it’s peach, with golden glassflecks.

perfect peach446

Two coats applied.

perfectpeach446 1

perfectpeach446 2

perfectpeach446 3

perfectpeach446 4


perfectpeach446 m

[A England] King’s Road

First post in March – the second week of which is about to start. I’ve been short of time, i. e. there were so many things to arrange for and organise. This weekend was filled with further training. I’ve piled up more overtime but am happy to take a day off now and then, for compensation.

As for King’s Road, to start with, I am always stunned by how A England manages to release such beautiful holos! This one has a grey and slightly beige base, and the holographic effect is amazing.

king s road

King’s Road builds up quickly, and shown below is two coats (where one would have been enough).

kings road1

kings road2

kings road3

kings road4

kings road5

Close-up photo.

kings road m1

[Dior] Smooth (#372)

As for the weather, it’s not yet spring, and we had quite some stormy days with heavy rainfalls – I felt a bit like in Weathering With You (the wonderful anime), but in the cold. 🙄 Nevertheless, it’s finally weekend! I absolutely like my current job and changed my swimming routine to the later afternoon.

Now for today’s post; Smooth is one of the latest Dior nail varnishes – incredibly pretty, it’s a pink purple.


Two coats applied.

smooth372 1

smooth372 2

smooth372 3

smooth372 4

[A England] If the Ravens Leave the Tower

Realising that I haven’t added new colours to my A England stash for quite some time, I placed a small order and picked some varnishes of recent collections. So today I’m presenting If the Ravens Leave the Tower, which is a blue-ish petrol with a scattered holographic finish.

if the ravens leave the tower

Happy to have new A England polishes again! Shown below is two coats.

if the ravens1

if the ravens2

if the ravens3

I couldn’t decide which photos to pick, so here is a picture overload. These were taken with artificial lighting.

if the ravens leave the tower1

if the ravens leave the tower2

if the ravens leave the tower3

if the ravens leave the tower4

if the ravens leave the tower5


if the ravens leave the tower m

Hamburg was hit by heavy storms today – trains (and flights) were cancelled, and some underground and bus timetables are disrupted too. It has been raining all day. I’m glad that we went to Nienburg last weekend but hope that the graves will be fine (I might ask my friend or neighbours over there to check, once the weather clears up again). As for tomorrow, I expect the metro to be crowded … hope I’ll make it to my workplace safely and on time. It’s a wonderful job by the way, with great colleagues.