[Chanel] Mirage (#739)

It’s definitely been a while. Last week, I started my new job, which is again completely different from what I did before (i. e. working in a bookshop), since I’m a lecturer for maths now. Like, finally. 🙂 Moreover, I’m still doing the proofreading as a freelancer for the law school. Things have changed so fast; I’m still grieving and will always be, but I am glad that there is at least a bit of stability regarding work.

I also got the phone call from Alsterhaus for the latest Chanel nail colours, and here is Mirage – a beautiful muted mauve.


Two coats applied.

mirage739 0a

mirage739 0b

mirage739 0c

Artificial lighting.

mirage739 0

mirage739 1

mirage739 2

mirage739 3

mirage739 4

[Essence] City of Stars

While waiting for the spring collections to arrive at Alsterhaus, here is City of Stars, which was a Christmas gift from my daughter, who knows too well that I can’t resist night sky colours. Hence City of Stars is a dense glitter, packed with blue, turquoise and green microglitter bits.

city of stars

Two coats shown below.







cityofstars m

[Dior] Happy 2020 Glitter Top Coat (#001)

New year, new postings – so far for the plans. I saved the glitter top coat of Dior’s Happy 2020 Christmas collection for New Year, so here it is. It’s a transparent pink base with lots of multicoloured glitter. At first glance, there are golden, turquoise, blue and pink glitter bits.

happy2020 001

One coat of the (nameless) top coat over Chanel Pure Black.

happy2020 001 1

happy2020 001 2

happy2020 001 3

happy2020 001 4


happy2020 001 m

This manicure was amazing, not only for the combination of colourful glitter over black but it lasted for three days without any chipping or tipwear. And I would still have it on my nails, wasn’t it for a change of colour matching tomorrow’s outfit. We’ll be going back to Hamburg then. Not really looking forward to it because I enjoyed the peaceful and quiet rural environment.

[Essence] Be Passionate

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I was just happy about having two days off work; it’s been really hard during Christmastime, in addition to the grief. Of course …

I might be catching up with all those amazing nail colours next year. Until then here’s Be Passionate, which was a birthday gift by my daughter. It’s a blue-ish green metallic, hence pretty for Christmas too.

be passionate

Two coats applied.

be passionate1

be passionate2

Artificial lighting.

be passionate3

be passionate4

be passionate5

be passionate6


be passionatem

One more day at the bookshop tomorrow and then we will be spending a week in Lower Saxony.

[Essence] Hot Like Chilli

It’s getting quite busy because Christmas is approaching. I am still working at the bookshop and loving it, but since it’s a temp job, my contract ends at the end of the year and I haven’t found another job yet. copy-editing (or “my “job #1”) will become my primary job again, it seems …

I bought Hot Like Chilli in October (and took the photos quite some weeks ago). It’s a darker red, with a light cinnamon scent.

hot like chili

Perfect coverage, two coats applied.

hot like chilli1

hot like chilli2

hot like chilli3

hot like chilli4

Artificial lighting.

hot like chilli5

[China Glaze] Resting Grinch Face

This came out last year for Christmas, and I haven’t been wearing it until my birthday (which was in November) because the bottle of my traditional nail varnish, Happy Birthday, was finally used, except for some thick glitter stuff at the bottle … In spite of all the tragic and hardships of the past months, I still wanted something cheerful on my nails. So it was multicolour glitter in a sheer base.

resting grinch face

Two coats shown below. I still think the Grinch collection is so pretty!

resting grinch face1

resting grinch face2

resting grinch face3

resting grinch face4

Close-up. New birthday polish found.

resting grinch face m