[Chanel] Arancio Vibrante (#634)

Here’s the last colour of Chanel’s nail vanishes for spring/summer, Arancio Vibrante. Deserving its name, this is a bright orange red.

arancio vibrante634

Two coats applied.

aranciovibrante634 0

aranciovibrante634 1

aranciovibrante634 2

aranciovibrante634 3

aranciovibrante634 4

Artificial light.

aranciovibrante634 5

This collection has become an instant favourite. I keep my preferred colours (often regarding a certain season but I have also all-time favourites such as Rouge Noir or King Arthur) in a vase near my desk and indeed wear them from time to time, at least more often than other nail varnishes from my stash. So the spring/summer colours have joined the vase. 🙂


[Chanel] Aurore (#606)

I’m a bit late for Valentine’s day but at least have a special nail colour to present, Aurore. This is pink with a subtle blue-ish microshimmer (not visible on the nail though). What is more, it’s boutique-exclusive but also available online.


I thought Aurore might be a bit boring because there are so many shades of pink and even from Chanel – but it’s on my desk with my favourite colours for spring now and will soon be applied again. Below you see two coats.

aurore606 0

aurore606 1

aurore606 2

aurore606 3

aurore606 4

Artificial light (here it looks actually pink).

aurore606 5

aurore606 6

aurore606 7


aurore606 m1

[Chanel] Nuvola Rosa (#588)

Nuvola Rosa is a light pink, very feminine and girly in my opinion. Totally spring colour – although it’s still frosty outside.


Application was two coats.

nuvolarosa588 0

nuvolarosa588 1

nuvolarosa588 2

nuvolarosa588 3

nuvolarosa588 4

Chanel is launching nail vanish like crazy at the moment. I’m happy about each new colour and there are quite a few stunners, but it also means that there will be lots of swatches to do. 🙂 I’ll be purchasing Aurore later and then heading for tea at HafenCity, Meßmer Momentum. White tea coconut & chocolates is my favourite flavour.

[Chanel] Verde Pastello (#590)

Finally another green. I really like Chanel’s nail colours for spring (it’s actually their spring/summer collection), since I am more into the bright and colourful shades. Verde Pastello is a muted green with hints of pastel and turquoise, depending on the light.


Two coats shown below.

verdepastello590 0

verdepastello590 1

verdepastello590 2

verdepastello590 3

verdepastello590 4

Finally – it’s been one month – I’m going to my mother’s place again! January was jammed with so many activities and stuff. Although I’ve been enjoying doing so much and especially Fantasy Filmfest White Nights last weekend, Iam looking forward to spending the weekend in Lower Saxony. Of course!

Wishing you, too, a wonderful weekend!

[Essence] 1000 Light Years Away

Black teams up with holo glitter – that’s why I picked 1000 Light Years Away for last weekend, when I attended Fantasy Filmfest White Nights. I thought that this combo, which also reminds of a little galaxy on the nail, would suit fantastic and horror films. The glitter comes in various sizes.

1000 light years away

Two coats applied. These photos were taken directly after I had applied top coat; in fact 1000 Light Years Away is a top coat eater …

1000lightyearsaway 1

1000lightyearsaway 2

1000lightyearsaway 3

1000lightyearsaway 4

Daylight. The polish stayed on my nails for three days, and I had no problems with either chipping or tip wear. (But don’t forget that I spent about twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday at the cinema, went straight to bed after coming home, and I caught up with my chores on Monday again.) Just opened crisp bags while watching the ten films, and stirred my hot chocolate. :mrgreen:

1000lightyearsaway 5

1000lightyearsaway 6

Close-up. Note the hexagon-shaped glitter. 🙂

1000lightyearsaway m