[Chanel] Energy (#759)

September already! I didn’t post much during August, and until tomorrow Japan Filmfest is taking place – online via streaming, which is somehow great (although I would have gone there if they had made it possible) but requires my full organisation skills because I decided to see all features and keep up my swimming routine too. It works … but there isn’t much time left for anything else. :mrgreen:

Nevertheless there are still a few drafts from before the Filmfest. Let’s start with Energy, a bright magenta.

energy759 0

Two coats applied.

energy759 1

energy759 2

energy759 3

energy759 4

[Dior] Ready (#120)

Now that it’s finally summer, here is the third colour of this year’s Dior nail polishes for the currently sunny and hot season. Ready is a light yellow, containing a hint of pastel, and it has a slight shimmer finish (which is best visible under direct sunlight).


Two coats applied. The photos were taken in the most beautiful location, which is my favourite swimming bath: “Kaifu” (which stands for Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer) open air pool. 😎 Love this place so much! I’m going swimming five to six times a week now, having found back to my usual routine.

ready120 1

ready120 2

ready120 3

ready120 4


ready120 m

[Essence] Genie In A Bottle

Today I’d like to show you another beauty by Essence – Genie in a Bottle, which is a blue-grey shade, containing hints of cornflower blue.

genie in a bottle

Application was two coats. I took the following photos during the Covid-19 lockdown while we were enjoying our time in Nienburg.

genie in a bottle1

genie in a bottle2

genie in a bottle3

genie in a bottle4

genie in a bottle5

[Chanel] Sailor (#749)

It’s been raining for the past three days (and it will continue for the weekend, at least until Saturday, according to the weather forecast), so I should show something bright again, which is Sailor. This is brand new for summer, and a pretty cherry red.


Application was my usual two coats. 😎

sailor749 0

sailor749 1

sailor749 2

sailor749 3

sailor749 4

In spite of the cold and rainy weather, I still enjoy swimming outside, even though the water is just around 18.4 degrees Celsius – or less, like this morning. But since this results in almost empty pools (although there are always athlethes training, regardless of the temperature), I’ve got lots of space, and in the end it’s all about my passion for swimming!

[Dior] Pine Cone (#985)

Pine Cone is the sister polish of Camel and that’s why its release was limited to Asia last year. I purchased mine from the Dior online shop.

pine cone985

Photos were taken only on the second day of the mani (which I think was because of bad weather and no appropriate lighting in the house)  – so you’ll notice that the finish is already looking a bit dull.  Shown below is two coats, which might still give you an idea of the colour.

pinecone985 1

pinecone985 2

pinecone985 3

pinecone985 4