[Dior] Amethyst (#998)

I don’t know why but Amethyst puts me in the mood for Christmas. Maybe it’s the plum colour (in addition to the bauble-shaped bottle).


I had not been wearing plum or purple for a while and this is really beautiful. Two coats applied.

amethyst998 3

amethyst998 4

amethyst998 5

amethyst998 6

Artificial light.

amethyst998 1

amethyst998 2


[Dior] Emerald (#809)

Emerald is my latest and brand new Dior and belongs to this year’s Holiday collection, which had arrived last Saturday at Alsterhaus but since they had not testers, the display was still waiting for being set up. Emerald is a green metallic with a hint of turquoise.


Two coats shown below.

emerald809 1

emerald809 2

emerald809 3

On my way to the centre of Nienburg, the small town in Lower Saxony where my mother lives.

emerald809 4

Letterbox in the background. :mrgreen:

emerald809 5

emerald809 6


emerald809 m

[Essence] … & my flaky caty

Going through my Essence drafts. … & my flaky caty is one of their recent releases, beige nude with black glitter and a finish that is frost and satin at the same time! What is more, look at its cute bottle design.

and my flaky caty

Two coats shown below, no top coat.






Macro photo showing the different glitter shapes and sizes.

myflakykaty m1

[Essence] A Touch Of Vintage (nail powder)

I tried nail powder for the first time! It’s probably been a huge thing for a while, and I also got those Dior Voile de nacre sets of 2000 although I never applied those.

A Touch Of Vintage is a golden powder, or very fine microglitter.

a touch of vintage

Application was easier (and less messy!) than I thought. Since the powder itself is rather sheer, I used two coats of Black Out as a base – which should not be too dry, so that a bit of the powder can be rubbed onto the base. The result of this was a greenish chrome finish, which was very, very shiny. I sealed it with a water-based top coat (I heard that normal top coat would make the effect look dull).

a touch of vintage1

a touch of vintage2

a touch of vintage3

a touch of vintage4


a touch of vintage m

[Chanel] Mica Rose (#495)

Hi there! I’m still suffering from a terrible cold (due to waiting on cold platforms for trains that were in the end cancelled …) but finally recovering. I wore Mica Rose for three days because I was too sick (and lazy) to remove it. 😉 This is a pale pink with silver shimmer.

mica rose

Three thin coats. I am sorry but I could only take photos with artificial lighting.

micarose495 1

micarose495 2

micarose495 3

micarose495 4

micarose495 5


micarose495 m