[Dior] Candy Cane (#984)

It’s from the spring collection (I have no idea why the nail varnishes weren’t available in my usual stores; as I had mentioned before, even Alsterhaus hadn’t heard of them, but got some of the lip and eye products), a deep red brown: Candy Cane. Side note regarding this one and its “siblings”: They are meant to be kind of fruit-scented, which might be true – there actually is a faint fruity scent- but I don’t usually take a smell at my nails or varnishes.

candy cane984

Ok. Nice colour though, shown below is two coats.


candy cane984 1

candy cane984 2

candy cane984 3

candy cane984 4

Different angle.

candy cane984 5

Inside under artificial light.

candy cane984 6

candy cane984 7


[Essence] Creating Memories

I love everything about Essence nail varnishes. They are basically available in every drugstore, for a low budget, and their colours range from classical shades to loud and somewhat unique colours. Obviously they redesigned the bottle shapes and Creating Memories is brand new. It’s a bright periwinkle blue.

creating memories

Two coats applied. It made me think of China Glaze Fancy Pants – but the latter is more cornflower blue and contains pink shimmer.

creating memories1

creating memories2

creating memories3

Creating Memories is a classic crème with an amazing formula. I applied this on Saturday, right after I had bought it, and no chipping or even tipwear until today; I even went swimming and it was still immaculate.

creating memories4

[Dior] Tutti Frutti (#310)

Finally something colourful – bright canary yellow from Dior’s collection for Spring. This collection, as far as concerning the four nail colours, wasn’t available at my local store, so I ordered them at the Dior webshop.

tutti frutti310

Because I love yellows, Tutti Frutti is the first shade I picked to apply. Formula is a crème-jelly-hybrid. Two coats shown below.

tutti frutti310 1

tutti frutti310 2

tutti frutti310 3

tutti frutti310 4

Photo taken after my swimming session on the next day.

tutti frutti310 5

Artificial lighting (which brings out a cooler yellow).

tutti frutti310 6

[Chanel] Eau de Nacre (#701)

Presenting one of my latest Chanels, Eau de Nacre, which I bought via their website, along with three other nail varnishes. The colour of this is mother of pearl (with a tiny bit of pink), and the finish is pearl too, with a slight golden shimmer.

eau de nacre701

Eau de Nacre has a semi-sheer formula, so I applied three thin coats.

eau de nacre701 0

Still a visible nail line.

eau de nacre701 1

eau de nacre701 2

eau de nacre701 3

eau de nacre701 4


eau de nacre701 m

[OPI] Envy the Adventure

My first emerald green with crème finish, Envy the Adventure. It’s from the Nutcracker and the Four Realms collection, and I also realised that it’s been ages since my last OPI nail colour.

Envy the Adventure

Application was two coats.

envy the adventure1

envy the adventure2

envy the adventure3

envy the adventure4

envy the adventure5

I’m basically ‘back to business’, i.e. my flu has gone. Finally! Today I went swimming again, which I wasn’t able to do for almost two weeks. It’s still another ten days until I will be at the house again (my mother’s house, now mine), visiting my parents at the graveyard and so on …