[Essence] Cosmic Lights

Getting sparkly for the Season. Cosmic Lights was a birthday present, and I adore it. The steel-grey base is packed with silver holographic glitter, adding further sparkle to the foil finish.

It’s also super easy to apply, dries fast and not too gritty. Shown below is two coats with top coat.

Natural lighting, but photos taken inside.

Close-up photo.

[Dior] Splendid (#649)

Splendid. This is hard to describe, perhaps coral pink with foil finish comes close to this colour. Maybe that’s why I posted so many photos, so that you might figure out yourself. 😉 I don’t even know which collection Splendid belongs to; I had noticed it on the Dior website as online-exclusive.

Two coats applied. It’s sparkly and dries fast.

Artificial light.


[Zoya] Carly

Can you imagine it’s freezing out there again? On Friday (when we were still in Lower Saxony) it was even snowing but being in a nicely heated swimming bath watching the snow can be a bliss. 🙂 So I’m back to swimming again and it is great.

Here’s a foil; I’ve been storing Carly for ages and finally applied it. Even though I might associate foil finishes with winter, this was actually released as part of a summer collection. Purple base and the glitter comes in silver and red particles.



Two coats applied.




Some photos under natural light.



Close-up picture.


Sprung (OPI) Again

I am currently wearing Sprung and since it’s been a while since my last OPI post (I haven’t bought nail colour of this brand recently) I thought I could share this with you – although there is a already a blog entry. Nevertheless, I think that with its copper foil finish Sprung is made for this season. Hard to believe that it was actually released for Spring, isn’t it? 🙂

This is two coats.

sprung n1

sprung n2

sprung n3

sprung n4

sprung n5

Close-up picture.

sprung m

Altough I am definitely no fan of winter or cold wheather, I am beginning to adapt to it. I still cannot say that I like being outside during rain or snow – but I go swimming regularly (I always loved swimming) and swim long distances, and I guess it helps coping with any season. I don’t feel that uncomfortable during winter anymore. Normally wintertime was equal to permanently suffering from a cold. 😉 But regardless of the wheater, I make my way to the swimming bath and realised that it’s probably only a matter of the right clothes. We’ll see!

[China Glaze] Meet Me In the Mirage

This is an older draft, from October. The garden in the background looks different now. 😉

Meet Me In the Mirage is a rose gold foil, also containing hints of bronze. Sparkly and pretty.

meet me in the mirage_zpszhodwk3e

Shown below is two coats. I had wanted to apply this for so long; it is more a summer colour, and a bit of sunshine would have brought out its sparkles.

meet me in the mirage1_zpssmmehpqj




Close-up view.

meet me in the mirage m_zpsvibtdusm

[Essence] Flashy Wonderland

Just stopping by and hope you are all having amazing Christmas days! We are at my mother’s place now and I’m enjoying the calmness. This is really different than Hamburg’s city life (although I have plans regarding Dior as soon as I’m back, haha!), not the place where I grew up but a spot I do know quite well.

Today’s post is featuring Flashy Wonderland, a liquid foil shade combining lilac (with hint of purple) and silver. In the bottle, it looks more silver-leaning but this really ‘melts’ with the nail varnish being applied, leaving an indeed ‘flashy’ lilac, which is also a bit mirror-like. Flashy Wonderland had been kindly given to me by my daughter and mother. 🙂

Flashy Wonderland

Two coats shown below.

Flashy Wonderland

Flashy Wonderland

Flashy Wonderland

Close-up view.

Flashy Wonderland

[Illamasqua] Omen

Omen is a bright green with silver glitter and foil finish. Moreover, this is UV-sensitive – so that I really regret not having a UV lamp. But I guess it’s outstanding already because of its colour …


Shown below is two coats.




Close-up view.