[Dior] Vibes (#712)

I’m not yet back in Hamburg (but will be from Wednesday – so much for further planning) and having a quiet and peaceful time in Lower Saxony. Although it’s raining today and temperatures have dropped again, being here feels just right. I even discovered local delivery services, since I won’t eat out for the time being, preferring staying home and safe.

With that said, I hope you are doing fine too. I am quite aware that self-isolation is not for everyone. I am used to it because I’m an introvert but if you are not, I hope you will be able making the most of the current situation.

Blue and green nail colours remind of the sea, don’t they? At least they carry good vibes – which is what Dior might have intended when releasing Vibes. This one combines blue and emerald green (unfortunately, none of the photos is really colour-accurate) with a slight silver shimmer.


Two coats shown below (under artificial lighting). I will be wearing this again and probably take better photos when outside in the sun.

vibes712 1

vibes712 2

vibes712 3

vibes712 4

Close-up photo.

vibes712 m

[Essence] City of Stars

While waiting for the spring collections to arrive at Alsterhaus, here is City of Stars, which was a Christmas gift from my daughter, who knows too well that I can’t resist night sky colours. Hence City of Stars is a dense glitter, packed with blue, turquoise and green microglitter bits.

city of stars

Two coats shown below.







cityofstars m

[Dior] Happy 2020 Glitter Top Coat (#001)

New year, new postings – so far for the plans. I saved the glitter top coat of Dior’s Happy 2020 Christmas collection for New Year, so here it is. It’s a transparent pink base with lots of multicoloured glitter. At first glance, there are golden, turquoise, blue and pink glitter bits.

happy2020 001

One coat of the (nameless) top coat over Chanel Pure Black.

happy2020 001 1

happy2020 001 2

happy2020 001 3

happy2020 001 4


happy2020 001 m

This manicure was amazing, not only for the combination of colourful glitter over black but it lasted for three days without any chipping or tipwear. And I would still have it on my nails, wasn’t it for a change of colour matching tomorrow’s outfit. We’ll be going back to Hamburg then. Not really looking forward to it because I enjoyed the peaceful and quiet rural environment.

[China Glaze] Resting Grinch Face

This came out last year for Christmas, and I haven’t been wearing it until my birthday (which was in November) because the bottle of my traditional nail varnish, Happy Birthday, was finally used, except for some thick glitter stuff at the bottle … In spite of all the tragic and hardships of the past months, I still wanted something cheerful on my nails. So it was multicolour glitter in a sheer base.

resting grinch face

Two coats shown below. I still think the Grinch collection is so pretty!

resting grinch face1

resting grinch face2

resting grinch face3

resting grinch face4

Close-up. New birthday polish found.

resting grinch face m

[Manhattan] Purple Poetry

Look what I found in my stash – in the meantime, Manhattan have changed their bottle design ages ago, and there are still nail varnishes in my collection I hadn’t applied yet. Purple Poetry has a purple base enriched with pink and blue glassflecks.


Two coats shown below under artificial lighting.



Close-up photo.


[Dior] Coraloha (#567)

I check the Dior website regularly, for new releases and inspiration. Hence I found Coraloha, a semi-sheer coral base with golden and coral glitter particles. I don’t know the collection it belongs to – any suggestions welcome -, I just ordered it because I noticed that I needed it for my stash, and I don’t know whether it’s meant to be used as a topper either.


Since it’s really sheer, this is three coats, still with visible nail line.

coraloha567 1

coraloha567 2

coraloha567 3

coraloha567 4

But the colour is pretty and the glitter makes it somehow special. Here it is outside under natural light.

coraloha567 5


coraloha567 m

[Essence] Holo Me Crazy

The bottle photo was taken when my mother was still among us, it’s the balcony of her former room at the nursing home. We had just come back from town and bought Holo Me Crazy. Silver purple with holographic glitter.

holo me crazy

Two coats shown below. The surface dries a bit gritty, so I applied to layers of top coat.

holo me crazy0

holo me crazy1

It’s probably hard to recognise but I took the following photos outside and after my swimming routine, so it’s Alsterschwimmhalle background.

holo me crazy2

holo me crazy3

holo me crazy4

holo me crazy5

Close-up photo.

holo me crazy m

[Essence] It Wasn’t Me

It Wasn’t Me is almost vintage because it was released in 2015, and it’s only recently that I finally applied this  purple glitter. It’s almost eggplant or at least a deep purple shade, which is packed with purple and blue glitter.

it wasnt me

The finish is gritty; here are two coats without top coat, for this sandy effect. In spite of all that glitter removal was easy.

it wasnt me1

it wasnt me2

it wasnt me3

it wasnt me4

it wasnt me5

Close-up photo.

it wasnt me m