Black Magic (Wet n Wild) again

I’m at my mother’s for almost one week and it’s so peaceful and calm here. Lots of space, fresh air and my favourite swimming bath. I did my nails with Ciaté Chinchilla a couple of days ago but forgot to take photos – it’s a dove grey, which I will certainly be wearing again.

In my drafts I found these photos of Black Magic, probably taken sometime in spring. As always, two coats applied.

blackmagic n1

blackmagic n2

blackmagic n3

blackmagic n4

blackmagic n5


blackmagic m1

[Wet n Wild] I Need a Refresh-mint

Quite literally, yes! Over the past few days, temperatures have risen to about 33 °C. I Loved it but when it gets that warm, liquid intake matters so much. Moreover, we wnt to the swimming bath every day. It’s so mich fun there and never crowded. Before we left for Lower Saxony, I secured my pick from Chanel’s collection for autumn at Alsterhaus, but due to the heat, I’m still not in the mood for anything autumnal (indeed, I have been wearing neon colours on my nails and am sill) … so I have not tried anything yet (got some eye makeup stuff too and the solours look so amazing).

As for today’s nail colour, it’s I Need a Refresh-mint. Classic mint green with a tad of turquoise. I remember when I received this from my friend Judi of Middle Aged Beauty Queen blog, and since I am a huge fan of mint shades, this became a favourite instantly.


Shown below is two coats.





[Wet n Wild] Fantasy Makers: Once Upon A Time

Happy Halloween! Just finished installing the Internet at my mother’s house; for the first time ever, we have Internet at this place, so this is really a historical event! :mrgreen:

This is what I picked for Halloween, Once Upon A Time. So pretty with its semi-sheer black base and red glitter in various sizes.

once upon a time

Shown below is two coats.

once upon a time

once upon a time

once upon a time

once upon a time

once upon a time

Close-up view.

once upon a time

We won’t be having a party tonight but, of course, got tons of sweets. No idea how folks celebrate Halloween here (moreover, this is a small town, only 33,000 inhabitants) or whether they prefer Reformation Day (quite common in Germany). I always loved Halloween back in Durham, it’s been so much fun.

[Wet n Wild] Fantasy Makers: Black Magic/Magie Noire

For Halloween, I picked Black Magic aka Magie Noire by Fantasy Makers. I thought this would make a perfect choice, let alone the bottle shape. So this is destined to be applied on Halloween… orange, silver and black-blue microglitter in a black base.


Some issues when applying this, because of the brush and its stubborn bristles, but nevertheless I managed to do a nice mani. The varnish drying quickly made up for the efforts. Shown below is two coats under artificial light.




The finish is a bit gritty (but not too much), so I’d recommend using top coat in order to achieve a glossy finish and to bring out the glitter, as shown in the close-up.




Happy Halloween!