[Yves Saint Laurent] Fuchsia Intemporel (#9)

Hello there! Yesterday I checked my stash and realised that there are still so many Chanel and Dior nail varnishes I haven’t shown yet, not only vintage shades but also newer ones, such as Rouge Red of this year or Monochrome (standard collection).  I was sure that I had already tried them, but no. Good for you though, still lots of stuff to go through. 😉

As for Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t own that many of this brand’s nail colours. Here is one I bought recently, Fuchsia Intemporel, which is … fuchsia!

fuchsia intemporel9_zpsel3aj5ak

Or fuchsia with a hint of berry. This is two coats.

fuchsia intemporel9 1_zpstt1ccnvv

fuchsia intemporel9 2_zpssfnwzn1a

fuchsia intemporel9 3_zps6stuyn9a

fuchsia intemporel9 4_zpsa5utbc1s

fuchsia intemporel9 5_zpshlemboad

[Dior] Precious (#779)

Precious is my favourite of the Dior nail varnishes for Christmas 2016. I have not tried red Splendor so far, but I think, Precious just is it. It’s not really pink (less blue-leaning and thus warmer), more a raspberry red with microglitter.


Application was two coats.

precious779 1_zpslwvivzgr

precious779 2_zps7urrmjii

precious779 3_zpssgpscukc

precious779 4_zpslfnrcbzc

Close-up view.

precious779 m_zpso69ra3tk

[Chanel] Golden Raspberry (Rose d’Or) (#46)

I am waiting for the Christmas collections to be released and trying some of my vintage nail colours in the meantime. This is Golden Raspberry (or Rose d’Or), a raspberry red with golden shimmer. As often with older polishes, I do not now how this might be, but the formula is still smooth.

golden raspberry_zps6c7cqvg5

Two coats applied. There is indeed a fine golden shimmer on the nails.

golden raspberry46 6_zpsog8lvgvo
golden raspberry46 1_zpsmfgeveko

golden raspberry46 2_zpsnu93le1s

golden raspberry46 3_zpsbx2ttgmi
golden raspberry46 4_zpsltlycpkx

golden raspberry46 5_zpszeouaez4

Macro photo.

golden raspberry46 m_zps2lnxcuup

[Dior] Première (#977)

Première, a slightly muted plum shade. I actually wanted to show this yesterday, but had some issues with uploading photos … so here it is now.


Two coats applied. Photos were a bit tricky to take because there wasn’t so much light in the flat, but it wasn’t really better outside, because of grey clouds. I tried my best and when the sun finally came out, I grabbed Première again from my stash (which is in a built-in cupboard) like a maniac; so much for the last photo. 😉 However, in the first picture, the colour comes close to how it actually looks like.

premiere977 1_zpsfzg0sjmd

premiere977 2_zpsc7nm3d7c

premiere977 3_zpsfojfudws

Direct sunlight, yay! 😎