[Chanel] Gold Shimmer (#179)

Another one of my older Chanel nail varnishes. Gold Shimmer is (according to its name) gold with a proportion of bronze, and it also has a metallic finish.

gold shimmer179

Although I’ve had this for years I only applied it a couple of weeks ago. Two coats shown below.

gold shimmer179 1

gold shimmer179 2

gold shimmer179 3

Artificial lighting.

gold shimmer179 4

gold shimmer179 5


gold shimmer m

[China Glaze] Merry Whatever.

I totally fell for China Glaze’s Grinch Collection for Christmas, lots of sparkles, holographic glitter and really Grinch-related names. This is Merry Whatever – gold with holographic and golden glitter.

merry whatever

Two coats applied. Looks like tinsel on my nails. 😉

merry whatever1

merry whatever2

merry whatever3

merry whatever4

Daylight, which brings out the yellow proportion of the golden base.

merry whatever5

merry whatever6

Outside. You’ll notice that the glitter is really dense. Nevertheless, removing this was no pain.

merry whatever7


merry whatever m

merry whatever8

[A England] Katherine of Aragon

On to the next Tudoresque nail varnish. I thought Katherine of Aragon (Henry’s first wife)would make a beautiful colour for the last days before Christmas. It’s an antique gold shade with a hint of taupe and containing holographic glitter, resulting in a scattered holo finish.

katherine of aragon

Two coats applied. Again, one coat would have been fine too, with regards to opaqueness.

katherine of aragon1

katherine of aragon2

katherine of aragon3

katherine of aragon4

katherine of aragon5


katherine of aragon m

[Essence] A Touch Of Vintage (nail powder)

I tried nail powder for the first time! It’s probably been a huge thing for a while, and I also got those Dior Voile de nacre sets of 2000 although I never applied those.

A Touch Of Vintage is a golden powder, or very fine microglitter.

a touch of vintage

Application was easier (and less messy!) than I thought. Since the powder itself is rather sheer, I used two coats of Black Out as a base – which should not be too dry, so that a bit of the powder can be rubbed onto the base. The result of this was a greenish chrome finish, which was very, very shiny. I sealed it with a water-based top coat (I heard that normal top coat would make the effect look dull).

a touch of vintage1

a touch of vintage2

a touch of vintage3

a touch of vintage4


a touch of vintage m

[Chanel] Surprise (#153)

I still have a couple of vintage Chanel nail colours I have not posted (nor worn) yet. Gold is a tricky shade to wear for me – in my view, it’s more something for darker and shorter days … which we have now. In addition, I wanted to apply Surprise for quite a while, so I just pulled it out. I would describe the colour as light gold with a tiny hint of green and metallic finish.

surprise 153

There’s a slight visible nail line after to coats, which didn’t bother me. Artificial light.

surprise153 1

surprise153 2

surprise153 3

surprise153 4


surprise153 5

surprise153 6


surprise153 m

[Dior] Winter (#128)

December already and I just recognised that snow is back at WordPress! Let’s combine this with Winter, which I own since 2013 but have not applied before because I am not really into almost sheer shades, even when they contain golden and silver shimmer in a tinted white base. I don’t remember if Winter was meant to be a top coat? Nevertheless, here we go.


Three coats of Winter on its own.

winter128 1_zpsnbwqrdp5

winter128 2_zpswlbfy1jd

winter128 3_zpszptj893x

Close-up view.

winter128 m_zpsexdly2wz