[Dior] Winter (#128)

December already and I just recognised that snow is back at WordPress! Let’s combine this with Winter, which I own since 2013 but have not applied before because I am not really into almost sheer shades, even when they contain golden and silver shimmer in a tinted white base. I don’t remember if Winter was meant to be a top coat? Nevertheless, here we go.


Three coats of Winter on its own.

winter128 1_zpsnbwqrdp5

winter128 2_zpswlbfy1jd

winter128 3_zpszptj893x

Close-up view.

winter128 m_zpsexdly2wz


[Chanel] Chaîne Or (#518)

You might remember that I am not a huge fan of golden nail colours (I actually haven’t heard of anyone who is), but Chaîne Or is somewhat different, and I really liked wearing it – and will probably apply it again. It is more a yellow gold, shimmer finish too. When I went swimming, it really sparkled in the water and sunlight, and I have to admit: I like this.

chaine or518_zps3vkfp4rs

Two coats applied.

chaine or518 1_zpswmxaq2wh
chaine or518 2_zpsgnngcafb
chaine or518 3_zpsmeuhjtna

chaine or518 4_zpsm0iwlauo

chaine or518 5_zpsragmg3va

Close-up view.

chaine or518 m_zpsocrfpqxb

[Chanel] Canotier (532)

So here is Canotier, which at first I did not like too much since I am not a fan of gold-leaning shades, although Canotier is more a muted gold with hints of silver. Metallic finish – thus it is sensitive to visible brush strokes.


Two coats applied and not really my kind of shade, as mentioned above. But I also admit that I liked it with my skin tone and that’s why it wasn’t too bad in the end. 🙂

canotier532 1_zpsde1zagn9

canotier532 2_zpsor6sjbqi

canotier532 3_zpszgqprk62

canotier532 4_zpskz4rvbuz

Macro photo.

canotier m_zpshztyrlm9

[Dior] Gris-Or (227)

(Comments are manually approved at present but this is only temporarily. I have not become paranoid over night, just a precaution maybe. Don’t take it personally. I was kind of at variance with a long-term reader and sort of acquaintance, a matter I dedicated more attention than it deserved. So that’s why.)

This is Gris-Or, really pretty – gold and grey with hints of pink and lilac. Moreover, it’s iridescent with a shimmer finish.


Two coats shown below and this really put me in the mood for Christmas. I am not a huge fan of golden-based shades but thanks to the visible proportion of grey, and pink flashing through depending on the lighting, I liked Gris-Or on my nails.






Close-up view.