[Chanel] Péridot

It’s a shame that Europe is so late regarding the release of Illusions d’ombre de Chanel, their Fall Collection 2011. The moment I saw Péridot on other blogs, I craved for it, and when it turned up on eBay yesterday for a reasonable price, I could no longer resist. I assume that the seller made a mistake because the moment I had bought the item, she increased the “Buy it now” price but anyway, I had already grabbed a bargain for a genuine polish. 🙂 Dispatch was quick and I got Péridot today, ready to be swatched.



Two coats. This is unique; I love greens in general, but Péridot is more a gold-green, not truly duochrome but slightly iridescent… and metallic. Or rather, as mentioned in this article (for those of you who read German), it’s just like an inside out toad (I guess the author acutally means upside down?). :mrgreen: Anyway, Péridot meets my expectations and taste.




That’s it for today; I will have some more work to do with regard to my thesis, that’s why I am going to take a short break for about one week. work


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