[Chanel] Black Métamorphosis (over Blanc White)

So here is Black Métamorphosis, a transparent, black-tinted effect top coat. Looks nice in the bottle, at least …

black metamorphosis tinted top coat_zpswfvflkn0

I layered Black Métamorphosis over Blanc White, i. e. two coats of Blanc White and two coats of Black Métamorphosis. No clear top coat in this case, since it was just a swatch. Because I didn’t fell for this look. I should probably have added a third coat of Black Métamorphosis? Not sure.

black metamorphosis1_zpsiytq1lgk

black metamorphosis2_zpstbotbodj

black metamorphosis3_zpstdw4epqy

black metamorphosis4_zpspjy7woz6


[Chanel] Blanc White (#548)

One of my latest Chanel nail varnishes and the first spring nail varnish of 2017 I’m showing here. Blanc White is a sheer to semi-sheer ebony shade.

blanc white 548_zpsmimazxng

Three coats shown below for a rather opaque look.

blanc white5485_zpswjdspnae

blanc white548 1_zpsmptfxyll

blanc white5482_zpsu4leq7en

blanc white5483_zps9seifwjj

blanc white5484_zpsemihz3dr

[Chanel] Rouge Radical (#530)

Tonight is the night: 30th Fantasy Filmfest Opening Night (just two movies, but from tomorrow I’ll be watching “5 a day”, until 18 September). So looking forward; the selection of films is amazing this year. However, my being at the cinema also means that I won’t be posting that much, since I will also be wearing nail colours I have tried before.

Nevertheless, I have a new post: Rouge Radical. Although it looks rather sheer in the bottle, it is surprisingly opaque (considering its sheerness, it won’t turn into an crème finish though) on the nails and thus more like a jelly.

nail gloss530_zpslwoltwis

This is two coats of Rouge Radical; there is still a visible nail line, but initially I expected something like a transparent, slightly tinted top coat. So in the end I really liked this nail gloss (and glossy it is).

rouge radical530 1_zpswkl5kkwk

rouge radical530 2_zps4tbgcvrf

rouge radical530 3_zpsvrtcyxjh

rouge radical530 4_zpsawcw2m8u

[Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend] Озорница (Ozornitsa)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not posting that much at present, I have got tons of paperwork to do for my mother, which does not bother me (officially 😉 ) but nevertheless I’m finding the best excuses keeping me away from my desk. Deadline is on Thursday, i. e. documents must be on their way on Wednesday at least … but let’s move to nails again!

Being indeed a nail varnish for Valentine’s Day, Ozornitsa comes from Anna Gorelova’s collection of last year. This one has a milky base, slightly tinted with pink, and it contains pink glitter bits as well as larger, noticeable heart-shaped glitter in white and pink.


There is a large amount of glitter in the bottle, so it’s easy fishing for the hearts. Since I do not like my mani too opaque, I used three thin coats.





Close-up view.


[Dior] Rose Virevolte / Rose Swirl

So here’s another one of those vintage Diors, Rose Virevolte. Swatched ages ago. This is a sheer light pink shade with a pearl finish, so it’s not really one of my favourite picks, although it might be nice for layering, if not meant for layering.

rose virevolte

Since this is very sheer, I used three thin coats.

rose virevolte

rose virevolte

This is the next film festival we’ll be visiting, Filmfest Hamburg.

filmfest hamburg

I skipped it last year and I’m not its biggest fan because it’s more a red carpet thing with – some – celebrities, mostly German actors and directors. There is a Thai contribution, 36 (that’s the actual title), and it seems to be a romantic story about memories and so on, and I also got a ticket for a South Korean movie, Moebius, kind of a family revenge drama with (more or less) slight splatter elements.