[Chanel] Black Métamorphosis (over Blanc White)

So here is Black Métamorphosis, a transparent, black-tinted effect top coat. Looks nice in the bottle, at least …

black metamorphosis tinted top coat_zpswfvflkn0

I layered Black Métamorphosis over Blanc White, i. e. two coats of Blanc White and two coats of Black Métamorphosis. No clear top coat in this case, since it was just a swatch. Because I didn’t fell for this look. I should probably have added a third coat of Black Métamorphosis? Not sure.

black metamorphosis1_zpsiytq1lgk

black metamorphosis2_zpstbotbodj

black metamorphosis3_zpstdw4epqy

black metamorphosis4_zpspjy7woz6


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Black Métamorphosis (over Blanc White)

    • Thank you Valens. I admit I don’t really like it over nudes but will certainly try it again. Maybe dark blue or something in the vampy range. 🙂


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