[Yves Saint Laurent] Nuit Noire (59)

Nuit Noire. This is probably a quite unusual colour to wear for summer and especially on hot, sunny days – but I thought that its silver glitter might look great in the sun. Overall, Nuit Noire is packed with square-shaped glitter in a black, rather opaque (in terms of glitter polishes) base.

nuit noire_zpsukj3rpi5

Two coats applied. I guess a second layer of top coat (this is only one) would have been good regarding a smooth surface (it’s a bit gritty otherwise).

nuit noire50 1_zpsw6ikzd6y

nuit noire50 2_zpsmapqfful

nuit noire50 3_zpstqz0hykv

nuit noire50 4_zpsgrdu3xzm

nuit noire50 5_zpsngejlykc

nuit noire50 6_zpsd0dja37g

Close-up view.
nuit noire50 m3_zpscowsgz7l


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