[Dior] Smooth (#372)

As for the weather, it’s not yet spring, and we had quite some stormy days with heavy rainfalls – I felt a bit like in Weathering With You (the wonderful anime), but in the cold. 🙄 Nevertheless, it’s finally weekend! I absolutely like my current job and changed my swimming routine to the later afternoon.

Now for today’s post; Smooth is one of the latest Dior nail varnishes – incredibly pretty, it’s a pink purple.


Two coats applied.

smooth372 1

smooth372 2

smooth372 3

smooth372 4

[Dior] Dream (#677)

First post in November … I have three jobs now, that’s two more in addition to my long-termin job as a proofreader for law-related academic publications. In addition to this, I’m a maths tutor, and until the end of this year, I’ll also help in a book shop. That’s quite a lot, but as a (relatively) young widow, I have no other choice. My daughter will be graduating from school in two years and I just want to secure kind of a regular income … moreover, it’s hard to cope with the loss. Last Saturday I went to a group especially for the bereaved of family members who committed suicide and received a warm welcome.

But I don’t want to bother you with this. In the meantime I wore Dream, which is a beautiful fuchsia. I really don’t feel like occupying myself with nail colours at present but I keep doing my nails – and pretty pinks like Dream cheer me up.


Two coats applied.

dream677 1

dream677 2

dream677 3

dream677 4

dream677 6

[Dior] Twinkle (#574)

Twinkle is the pink frost from this year’s Diorsnow collection, actually available exclusively in Asia – or via the Dior webshop, where I got mine bottle from.


Since it’s pink with a hint of cherry I hoped that it would look good with my skintone – and it does. Two coats shown below.

twinkle574 1

twinkle574 2

twinkle574 3

twinkle574 4

Close-up photo.

twinkle574 m

[Essence] Legally Pink

Presenting the second shade I bought from the new nail varnish range with its re-vamped bottles. Legally Pink is, as you’ll see from the photos, more coral pink than true pink. It’s bright and beautiful.

legally pink

Application was two coats. Perfect coverage and I have the feeling these new colours last for ages without tip wear. After three days, my nails don’t look any different, no chipping either.

legally pink1

legally pink2

legally pink3

legally pink4

That’s outside the swimming bath.

legally pink5

Artificial lighting.

legally pink7

legally pink6

[Dior] Bubble Gum (#774)

Bubble Gum. It’s bright pink. I guess pink is popular among nail varnish colours this year because there are already quite a few releases. Bubble Gum might be my favourite so far.

bubble gum774

Application was two coats.

bubble gum774 1

bubble gum774 2

bubble gum774 3

bubble gum774 4

bubble gum774 5

Artificial light (which brings out the blue proportion in this shade).

bubble gum774 6

[China Glaze] Who Wonder

This is part of the Grinch collection, fuchsia with pink sparkles. It’s nice because I like the colour but my favourite China Glaze fuchsia will always be Ahoy.

who wonder

Two coats applied. It’s all under artificial lighting because it’s been a while since I wore Who Wonder and there wasn’t much light outside during the day …

who wonder1

who wonder2

who wonder3

who wonder4

who wonder5

Close-up photo.

who wonder m

[Dior] Lively (#360)

I’m still having the flu, but that didn’t prevent me from getting the latest Dior nail varnish collection from Alsterhaus yesterday, right after they had called me. I was on my way anyway, so it was really a coincidence; I just felt like going into town, as long as I can’t go swimming.

The first colour I put on is Lively, which is a rosy pink with a frost finish.


Two coats applied. Only artificial lighting, so sorry. But outside it’s tough and windy.

lively360 1

lively360 2

lively360 3

lively360 4

lively360 5

Close-up. I like it, especially combined with the finish! It’s not a typical Christmas colour and hence would fit any occasion.

lively360 m

[Chanel] Halo (#610)

Here’s Halo. Not really my kind of preferred colour (but only because I didn’t like it with my tanned olive skintone) but pretty in its bottle and of course beautiful. Halo has a light pink base but contains a touch of salmon pink too.


Two coats applied.

halo610 0

halo610 1

Artificial lighting.

halo610 2>

halo610 3

halo610 4