[Dior] Dream (#677)

First post in November … I have three jobs now, that’s two more in addition to my long-termin job as a proofreader for law-related academic publications. In addition to this, I’m a maths tutor, and until the end of this year, I’ll also help in a book shop. That’s quite a lot, but as a (relatively) young widow, I have no other choice. My daughter will be graduating from school in two years and I just want to secure kind of a regular income … moreover, it’s hard to cope with the loss. Last Saturday I went to a group especially for the bereaved of family members who committed suicide and received a warm welcome.

But I don’t want to bother you with this. In the meantime I wore Dream, which is a beautiful fuchsia. I really don’t feel like occupying myself with nail colours at present but I keep doing my nails – and pretty pinks like Dream cheer me up.


Two coats applied.

dream677 1

dream677 2

dream677 3

dream677 4

dream677 6

3 thoughts on “[Dior] Dream (#677)

  1. I landed here totally by chance, as I was looking for images of the nail polish.
    Sorry to hear that. Although a total stranger, I empathize.
    I started loving fuchsia recently. If it gives you a moment of joy, embrace it.
    When i want to escape the world, I try on all my lipsticks, a collection, as if it didn’t know the colours and shades by heart lol. How many shades of fuchsia, red and rose exists? Loads, right?


    • Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. I love the idea of trying on my lipsticks; I’ve got quite a few (but far less than nail colours 😉). You’ve just put a smile on my face. ☺️


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