[Chanel] Eau de Nacre (#701)

Presenting one of my latest Chanels, Eau de Nacre, which I bought via their website, along with three other nail varnishes. The colour of this is mother of pearl (with a tiny bit of pink), and the finish is pearl too, with a slight golden shimmer.

eau de nacre701

Eau de Nacre has a semi-sheer formula, so I applied three thin coats.

eau de nacre701 0

Still a visible nail line.

eau de nacre701 1

eau de nacre701 2

eau de nacre701 3

eau de nacre701 4


eau de nacre701 m

[Essence] Chrome Into My Life

Chrome Into My Life. According to Essence this comes with a “melted chrome” effect, so I thought it could be mirror-like (as the bottle design indicates). The colour is silver.

chrome into my life

Actually, it’s silver with metallic finish. No mirror-shine though but still pretty. This is three coats because the formula is pretty sheer.

chrome into my life1

chrome into my life2

chrome into my life3

chrome into my life4

Close-up photo.

chrome into my life m

[Dior] Miss Satin (#162)

I took a while to try this (and moreover, it’s only a swatch) salmon pink.

miss satin162

Miss Satin is pretty in the bottle but clashes with my skintone. Shown below is two coats under artificial light. Nevertheless, beautiful pearl and satin finish.

misssatin162 1

misssatin162 2

misssatin162 3

misssatin162 4

Close-up. Maybe I’ll try this again next summer under bright sunshine. The formula, of course, is flawless.

misssatin162 m

[Chanel] Le Top Coat Clarté (over Wet ‘n’ Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint)

When it came to Le Top Coat Clarté, I had no particular idea about how to wear it. Its effect is beautiful, not too subtle, creating a pearl-like finish that is slightly iridescent and contains shimmer. It has a milky base and would give the nails a fresh, classy look when applied on its own.

le top coat clarte_zpsctzhtuah

So when I had I Need A Refresh-Mint on my nails (which I have not yet shown), I just topped it with Le Top Coat Clarté the next day. Really liked the result.





Since the fine pink shimmer is visible in the bottle but not in the pictures above, here is a close up view.

clarte m_zpstawvella

[Chanel] Rose Flash

So that’s probably the last post before Christmas (but you’ll never know) and I just finished doing my mani for Christmas Eve, which is State of Gold over Gris-or. Wishing you guys a merry Christmas! I’m not truly in a Christmas-y mood – not yet – and instead enjoying the weather, reminding more of autumn than of cold winter days.

As for this post’s nail varnish, Rose Flash is a rose pink shade with silver microglitter and a pearl finish. This is a vintage nail colour, as you may have already notived from the bottle, and I have no clue about its actual release date, unfortunately.

Rose Flash

Application was two coats – and I admit that I prefer it in the bottle than on my nails. Seems that Rose Flash does not like my skin tone (and I’m not a great fan of pearl finish combined with pink-leaning colours …).

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Close-up picture.

Rose Flash

[Chanel] Bois de Rose (04)

Bois de Rose is another of my Chanel vintage nail colours, apricot with pearl finish. As with most of the “older” nail varnishes; I don’t know their exact age. I remember that this finish combined with soft colours being popular in the 1980s but Bois de Rose might even have an earlier release date.

Bois de Rose

Three thin coats.

Bois de Rose

Bois de Rose

Bois de Rose

Bois de Rose

Close-up view.

Bois de Rose