[Dior] State of Gold (001)

The past two days were packed with Christmas events, to be more precisely, school concerts with my daughter participating. I really enjoyed watching how much effort they had put in their performances. The school, although a smaller one, offers many musical activities and everyone was on stage – resulting in a two-hour event.

So I’ve been busy which required a really long-lasting manicure … with glitter being an ideal option (also looking forward to Christmas, finally). State of Gold lived up to my expectations; it is densely packed with golden, white gold and silver glitter in a clear base.

state of gold_zpsz0hvflyg

Since I guess State of Gold is meant to be a top coat I layered it over one coat of Gris-Or with the pink iridescent shimmer still peeping through the glitter. This will probably be my manicure for Christmas Eve. Moreover, I applied this on Monday; it’s Thursday now and it still looks immaculate. Just brilliant.

state of gold 001 1_zps3qcgfpwe

state of gold 001 2_zpsrxwwwls2

state of gold 001 3_zps8abwk0xk

state of gold 001 4_zpsao3jpuvv

state of gold 001 5_zpsg7kufyrb

With Bäri. State of Gold can be combined with every colour any anything, even Ikea teddy bears. :mrgreen:


Close-up view.

state of gold 001 m_zps8z7cozbr

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