[Chanel] Pure White (#711)

Finally, a new post! It’s been a while, I know. In the meantime I went swimming and I mean I spent quite a lot of time at the pool, improving my freestyle and butterfly strokes. And I enjoyed the summer, i. e. I am still enjoying it, meeting up with time and spending time outside.

Nevertheless I managed to get the fall collections by Chanel and Dior, so let’s start with Pure White, which is – white. You might know that white is one of my favourite nail colours, and I wear it quite a lot.


Two coats applied – flawless application and great formula!

purewhite711 0

purewhite711 1

purewhite711 2

purewhite711 3

purewhite711 4

To complete this, my favourite white is Dior Snow-White because most white nail varnishes tend to have a streaky or application and leave patches. Snow-White doesn’t and it needs only two coats. Pure White, however, comes very close to it, in fact, the only difference I note is the brush. So if you are looking for a white nail colour, pick this one.

[Chanel] Flocon (#05)

A true vintage shade – I have no idea about the release date of Flocon. But as you see, this is a white pearl.


Because Flocon tends to be a bit sheer, I needed three thin coats to achieve full coverage. Below is the result.

flocon05 1

flocon05 2

flocon05 3

flocon05 3a

Macro photo.

flocon05 m

[Essence] No Hurries, No Worries

When I noticed No Hurries, No Worries at the local drugstore near my mother’s, I could not resist. White. Just pure and plain white.

no hurries no worries_zpsn1uuarke

But what is more, No Hurries, No Worries has great coverage. Shown below is two coats; having some experience with white nail polishes, I feared at least three coats … So overall, this is amazing!

no hurries no worries1_zpsn5lmyfpg

no hurries no worries2_zpsdukt9p4n

Artificial light. I’ve had No Hurries, No Worries on my nails for three days – topped it with Dior Reflects on day 2. No chipping, no tip wear. 🙂

no hurries no worries3_zpsxqyjh0pi

no hurries no worries4_zpsf0ogoabv

[Dior] Optic White (#002)

This is probably a totally summer colour – Optic White is (the name says it) white with shimmer, due to small glassflecks. You might remember that I love whites and this one is quite unique in my stash, because of its shimmer.

optic white002_zpsmiqq158b

Dior does gorgeous whites! Remember Snow White and its high pigmentation? Optic White, too, is almost opaque with only one coat and definitely opaque with two, as shown below.

optic white002 1_zpszo9lebdk

optic white002 2_zpsunty9bya

optic white002 3_zpsolcreqbx

optic white002 4_zpshkv1i819

optic white002 5_zpsxbeqeirt

The shimmer, however, is not too present. I tried to take a macro shot but guess there is hardly anything to recognise …

optic white002 m_zpsu3leqp6d

[China Glaze] Snow Way!

Snow Way. Like the name and the colour too. It’s basically white with a hint of grey and the shimmer shifts between copper and pink.

snow way_zpsth1zpi9x

Two coats applied. I wonder how Snow Way might look in bright sunlight – thus something to try for the summer? 😎

snow way1_zpsw4qnir83

snow way2_zpsdz1zpxoo

snow way3_zpsykbgf9k9

snow way4_zpsgiygbeak

snow way5_zpstkbksmdo

Close-up picture.

snow way m_zpskkplpmas

[Essence] The Frosted

One more white (although I am currently wearing the new Blanc White by Chanel; finally, I could get my hands on the Spring collection – photos will be shown soon) … The Frosted has a matte (or suède) finish, yet this white contains glitter particles.

the frosted_zpsiugqzact

This is two coats without top coat under artificial light.

the frosted1_zpstqnbusnb

the frosted2_zpsfqsmps2o

Applying a top coat brings out the shimmer. I took these photos the next morning, so it’s natural daylight. Even though I like matte nail colours, I prefer the glossy look in this case.

the frosted3_zpsomebb5zo

the frosted4_zpsfu6y7k3b

Close-up view without top coat.

the frosted m no tc_zpsezozbipd