[Dior] Optic White (#002)

This is probably a totally summer colour – Optic White is (the name says it) white with shimmer, due to small glassflecks. You might remember that I love whites and this one is quite unique in my stash, because of its shimmer.

optic white002_zpsmiqq158b

Dior does gorgeous whites! Remember Snow White and its high pigmentation? Optic White, too, is almost opaque with only one coat and definitely opaque with two, as shown below.

optic white002 1_zpszo9lebdk

optic white002 2_zpsunty9bya

optic white002 3_zpsolcreqbx

optic white002 4_zpshkv1i819

optic white002 5_zpsxbeqeirt

The shimmer, however, is not too present. I tried to take a macro shot but guess there is hardly anything to recognise …

optic white002 m_zpsu3leqp6d

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