[Chanel] Pure White (#711)

Finally, a new post! It’s been a while, I know. In the meantime I went swimming and I mean I spent quite a lot of time at the pool, improving my freestyle and butterfly strokes. And I enjoyed the summer, i. e. I am still enjoying it, meeting up with time and spending time outside.

Nevertheless I managed to get the fall collections by Chanel and Dior, so let’s start with Pure White, which is – white. You might know that white is one of my favourite nail colours, and I wear it quite a lot.


Two coats applied – flawless application and great formula!

purewhite711 0

purewhite711 1

purewhite711 2

purewhite711 3

purewhite711 4

To complete this, my favourite white is Dior Snow-White because most white nail varnishes tend to have a streaky or application and leave patches. Snow-White doesn’t and it needs only two coats. Pure White, however, comes very close to it, in fact, the only difference I note is the brush. So if you are looking for a white nail colour, pick this one.

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