Fancy Pants (China Glaze) Again

Some new photos of Fancy Pants, which is one of my favourite China Glazes, as well as indigo nail varnishes. This comes with magenta glassflecks and you can find the initial post here.

fancypants n1

fancypants n2

fancypants n3

fancypants n4

fancypants n5


fancypants nm


[China Glaze] Custom Kicks

This is a real summer colour: Custom Kicks combines bright teal with golden microshimmer. The latter, however, is barely visible on the nails. But the shade is generally awesome.

custom kicks

Two coats applied. However, hard times after removal, i. e. stains. But the colour is worth it.





Artificial light.




Close-up view.


[China Glaze] Flirty Tankini

I’m trying to get an overview regarding my China Glaze stash. Like this brand so much. So I recognised Flirty Tankini and that I hadn’t shown this yet. Here it comes, neon coral (with a hint of pink).

flirty tankini

flirty tankini0

Artificial light and the normal finish, which is semi-matte.

flirty tankini1

flirty tankini2

flirty tankini4

Here it is with a layer of top coat, which doesn’t really make a difference in the photos, I guess.

flirty tankini5

flirty tankini6

Close-up view.

flirty tankini m

[China Glaze] Fresh Prince-ss

Japan Filmfest Hamburg is approaching, only two days to go, and for the first time (mainly due to my general admission ticket), I’ll be joining the opening night with “Innocent Blood”. Really looking forward! 🙂

As for further preparation (actually just for fun), I have planned to finally visit Sakura manga shop tomorrow – let’s see what they have got. To be honest, it’s more my daughter who wanted to go there (I’m more of a film buff).

But let’s skip this and have a look at today’s nail varnish, which is Fresh Prince-ss. Baby pink, a bit like sakura maybe. 😉

fresh prince-ss_zpsqygj9iaq

Shown below is two coats. Flawless China Glaze quality as always.

fresh prince-ss1_zpssc4pghps

fresh prince-ss2_zpsu9tijpsi

fresh prince-ss3_zpsi06fhm3g

fresh prince-ss5_zpsmcyzmoek

[China Glaze] Good Tide-ings

Bright periwinkle blue. I also notice a hint of lilac in this, at least under artificial light.

good tide-ings_zpsbyjnqush

Two coats shown below.

good tide-ings1_zpsmid4ynna

good tide-ings2_zps3mjaavm2

Natural light, under which Good Tide-ings might appear a bit dull but don’t get deceived, this is definitely on the brighter side.

good tide-ings3_zpsnpf08hen

good tide-ings4_zps4in3pe61

Not long after Fantasy Filmfest Nights (they are touring this weekend again, in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Nuremberg) I was at Savoy cinema again because they were screening the cult Battle Royale (2000). And of course there they were again, some of my Fantasy Filmfest fellows, like a study group. 😉 I also reserved tickets for Tuesday next week, to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2.0 with my daughter, although I’m not into Marvel superheroes and ignored the first part, but I adore raccoons and everything “bear” 🐻 , and there is Rocket raccoon in it.

good tide-ings6_zpsdhgd6iyc