[Essence] Listen to the Sound of the Waves

October already! Because of the German Reunification Day on Tuesday, I’m staying at my mother’s for a long weekend. Listen to the Sound of the Waves is the shade I applied yesterday. This nail varnish actually belongs to my daughter, but when I noticed it, I had to try it. In the bottle, it looks grey with silver microglitter, and it also says “Sand Effect” on the lid.

listen to the sound of the waves

Once applied, however, the finish isn’t “sand” or even gritty at all. At no stage during application. Nevertheless, I don’t mind. I checked out other blogs, and they too report that Listen to the Sound of the Waves dries actually glossy. On the nails, it also shows hints of lilac, and the shimmer is very subtle. Overall, it’s very pretty! Shown below is two coats.

listen to the sound1

listen to the sound2

listen to the sound3

listen to the sound4

listen to the sound5

Been out for a walk. 🙂

listen to the sound6

Close-up. I think the glitter makes it seem three-dimensional, so probably this is what is referred to as “sand effect”. 😉

listen to the sound m


[Essence] Rebel At Heart

Rebel At Heart was a birthday present, given to me by my daughter, who knows that I am into sparkly shades. This has a dark grey base, packed with silver and some golden microglitter.

rebel at heart_zps6c5rtr5z

Two coats without top coat – Rebel At Heart dries a bit matte, but not gritty.

rebel at heart1_zpsnwbsfe4z

For the following photos, I added top coat, achieving a shinier result.

rebel at heart2_zpspe1kujyl

rebel at heart3_zpsvf1daddz

rebel at heart4_zpsmpjmbs2r

rebel at heart5_zpsslhdvlac

Close-up view.

rebel at heart m_zps6iwijw3z

[A England] Heathcliff

Heathcliff presents multicolour glitter in a black jelly base, the glitter bits being red, blue, silver, gold, and purple.


I applied two coats for perfect coverage (and tried not to think about removal issues, haha). To achieve a smooth finish, I sealed the mani with top coat.





Close-up picture.


[Chanel] Rose Flash

So that’s probably the last post before Christmas (but you’ll never know) and I just finished doing my mani for Christmas Eve, which is State of Gold over Gris-or. Wishing you guys a merry Christmas! I’m not truly in a Christmas-y mood – not yet – and instead enjoying the weather, reminding more of autumn than of cold winter days.

As for this post’s nail varnish, Rose Flash is a rose pink shade with silver microglitter and a pearl finish. This is a vintage nail colour, as you may have already notived from the bottle, and I have no clue about its actual release date, unfortunately.

Rose Flash

Application was two coats – and I admit that I prefer it in the bottle than on my nails. Seems that Rose Flash does not like my skin tone (and I’m not a great fan of pearl finish combined with pink-leaning colours …).

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Rose Flash

Close-up picture.

Rose Flash

[Dior] State of Gold (001)

The past two days were packed with Christmas events, to be more precisely, school concerts with my daughter participating. I really enjoyed watching how much effort they had put in their performances. The school, although a smaller one, offers many musical activities and everyone was on stage – resulting in a two-hour event.

So I’ve been busy which required a really long-lasting manicure … with glitter being an ideal option (also looking forward to Christmas, finally). State of Gold lived up to my expectations; it is densely packed with golden, white gold and silver glitter in a clear base.

state of gold_zpsz0hvflyg

Since I guess State of Gold is meant to be a top coat I layered it over one coat of Gris-Or with the pink iridescent shimmer still peeping through the glitter. This will probably be my manicure for Christmas Eve. Moreover, I applied this on Monday; it’s Thursday now and it still looks immaculate. Just brilliant.

state of gold 001 1_zps3qcgfpwe

state of gold 001 2_zpsrxwwwls2

state of gold 001 3_zps8abwk0xk

state of gold 001 4_zpsao3jpuvv

state of gold 001 5_zpsg7kufyrb

With Bäri. State of Gold can be combined with every colour any anything, even Ikea teddy bears. :mrgreen:


Close-up view.

state of gold 001 m_zps8z7cozbr

[Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend] Грёза (Greza)

I kind of fell for Anna Gorelova nail varnishes. Greza (although I understand a fair bit of Russian I don’t have an appropriate keyboard) is a thermo effect polish that shifts from pink (warm) to purple (cold, with a hint of indigo, I guess). In addition, it contains silver microglitter. Overall, this is quite extraordinary. Moreover, the bottle comes with a nail polish ring, which I forgot to put on …


Shown below is two coats. I did not use top coat, as you might notice, this dries satin-y (and rather quickly). Here is the pink version.




Since I was suffering from a heavy cold when taking the photos, I did not feel like going outside to see the colour changing, thus I rummaged through the freezer – ending up with this pack of brussels sprouts. :mrgreen: They did a good job!





Here is a close-up view.

greza m_zpsfksrxh4d