Sprung (OPI) Again

I am currently wearing Sprung and since it’s been a while since my last OPI post (I haven’t bought nail colour of this brand recently) I thought I could share this with you – although there is a already a blog entry. Nevertheless, I think that with its copper foil finish Sprung is made for this season. Hard to believe that it was actually released for Spring, isn’t it? 🙂

This is two coats.

sprung n1

sprung n2

sprung n3

sprung n4

sprung n5

Close-up picture.

sprung m

Altough I am definitely no fan of winter or cold wheather, I am beginning to adapt to it. I still cannot say that I like being outside during rain or snow – but I go swimming regularly (I always loved swimming) and swim long distances, and I guess it helps coping with any season. I don’t feel that uncomfortable during winter anymore. Normally wintertime was equal to permanently suffering from a cold. 😉 But regardless of the wheater, I make my way to the swimming bath and realised that it’s probably only a matter of the right clothes. We’ll see!


[A England] Sleeping Palace

Hidden beauty in my stash – literally. It’s been a while since I purchased Sleeping Palace, 2013 to be precise. But only recently I came to wear it. The colour is a muted plum with copper and scattered holographic finish.


Two coats shown below under artificial light.

sleeping palace1_zpsiejyzqtv

sleeping palace2_zpsxbaq06dh

sleeping palace3_zpsfrua6k1s

sleeping palace4_zpsraoejqqe

Here’s the macro shot.

sleeping palace m_zpsu89xrggo

[Chanel] Patine (Garland)

Another vintage Chanel nail varnish. Patine/Garland is basically bronze with a visible hint of copper and golden shimmer.

patine garland_zpsbspcsl0t

Surprisingly, it looked good with my skin tone and I really liked it on my nails. In addition, this is very easy to combine with every make-up or clothes. 🙂



Close-up view.

patinegarland m_zpsvao3ng9l

[Chanel] Troublante (675)

I guess this is my favourite for autumn: Troublante. I’m wearing this for the second time now and I know I will be quite sad when having to remove it. So pretty and stunning – and hard to describe. Troublante is composed of copper, bronze and purple, also with a visible proportion of purple. It’s so complex, it also has a shimmer finish and shifts colours all the time, depending on the angle and lighting it is exposed to.


Two coats shown below and a couple of photos. I am definitely not a fan of colder seasons, but with Troublante, I might enjoy them at least when looking at my nails!

troublante675 1_zps30izxmnc

troublante675 2_zpsg5xn5pmi

troublante675 3_zpsqfopbzge

troublante675 4_zpsq1txhrrc

troublante675 5_zpsduhkrsfj

troublante675 6_zpsygsyhdbg

troublante675 7_zpsjoryjrzf

Close-up view.

troublante675 m_zpsc08i433w

[Chanel] Salsa (13)

I did not buy many nail varnishes during the past few weeks – still waiting for new collections being released. Nevertheless, my drafts are bursting, and since the weather is gradually getting warmer and, overall, nicer, I am looking forward to more summer days. Salsa is a colour that looks great in bright sunshine; it’s a duochrome and shifting between copper, orange and fuchsia.


Shwon below is two coats.






Close-up picture.


[Dior] Vibrato (618)

Vibrato. Usually, I’m not that much into golden/bronze-leaning shades, but this one is really pretty. It’s more on the copper/bronze side and packed with glitter.


Two coats applied and I admit, I liked it on my nails. Maybe because of Christmas being near. 😉







Close-up view.