[Chanel] Troublante (675)

I guess this is my favourite for autumn: Troublante. I’m wearing this for the second time now and I know I will be quite sad when having to remove it. So pretty and stunning – and hard to describe. Troublante is composed of copper, bronze and purple, also with a visible proportion of purple. It’s so complex, it also has a shimmer finish and shifts colours all the time, depending on the angle and lighting it is exposed to.


Two coats shown below and a couple of photos. I am definitely not a fan of colder seasons, but with Troublante, I might enjoy them at least when looking at my nails!

troublante675 1_zps30izxmnc

troublante675 2_zpsg5xn5pmi

troublante675 3_zpsqfopbzge

troublante675 4_zpsq1txhrrc

troublante675 5_zpsduhkrsfj

troublante675 6_zpsygsyhdbg

troublante675 7_zpsjoryjrzf

Close-up view.

troublante675 m_zpsc08i433w

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