[Chanel] Sailor (#749)

It’s been raining for the past three days (and it will continue for the weekend, at least until Saturday, according to the weather forecast), so I should show something bright again, which is Sailor. This is brand new for summer, and a pretty cherry red.


Application was my usual two coats. 😎

sailor749 0

sailor749 1

sailor749 2

sailor749 3

sailor749 4

In spite of the cold and rainy weather, I still enjoy swimming outside, even though the water is just around 18.4 degrees Celsius – or less, like this morning. But since this results in almost empty pools (although there are always athlethes training, regardless of the temperature), I’ve got lots of space, and in the end it’s all about my passion for swimming!

[Dior] Be Dior (#976)

The latest Dior nail colours are in – I got the Diorsnow and Addict Stellar Shine collections, which I had ordered on-line, a couple of days ago.  Here is Be Dior (#976, not to be confused with #892, which is a purple shimmer): berry red with shimmer.

be dior976

Two coats shown below. I’ve been having this one on my nails for the third day now and it still looks good, with minimal chipping. The shimmer is very subtle and overall it’s an elegant shade. Sorry that I don’t have any daylight pictures, it’s been too cloudy outside.

be dior976 1

be dior976 2

be dior976 3

be dior976 4


be dior976 m

[Dior] Popsicle (#764)

Popsicle is probably best described as magenta red – or berry red. Its base is red but with a certain proportion of raspberry.


Two coats shown below. Surely I have some similar shades in my stash but Popsicle is definitely an addition, smooth to apply and lasting for days without any tipwear or chipping. Seems that I rediscovered Dior’s nail polish formula for myself. 😉

popsicle764 1

popsicle764 2

popsicle764 3

Artificial lighting.

popsicle764 4

popsicle764 5

[Chanel] Exquisite Pink (#626)

Here’s my current favourite, Exquisite Pink. The name is a bit deceiving because the colour is more red with a hint of raspberry. I don’t know what I love about this but I’ve applied it for the second time within a week and can’t get enough of this shade.


Two coats shown below. Notice the two plush bears in the background with Paralympics mascot Bandabi on the right and a valentine’s bear on the left. 🐻 🙂 I was either too lazy or not in the mood (or both) for putting them aside.

exquisitepink626 0

exquisitepink626 1

exquisitepink626 2

exquisitepink626 3

exquisitepink626 4

Artificial light.

exquisitepink626 5

exquisitepink626 6

Grenat Again (#745)

I’m enjoying the time at my mother’s. We (i.e. my daughter and me) go swimming every day, and yesterday we watched Star Trek VIII: First Contact on DVD. My mother has got the largest TV screen! 😉

I know I had posted Grenat before, but since it was my chosen nail colour for Christmas, here are some more, maybe even better, photos. Two coats applied.

grenat745 1

grenat745 2

grenat745 3

grenat745 4

[Dior] Grenat (#745)

Seems that I saved the best for last, regarding Dior’s Precious Rocks nail polishes. Here’s Grenat – red with a hint of berry.


Two coats shown below. Again please excuse the bad lighting.

grenat745 1

grenat745 2

grenat745 3

grenat745 4

“Natural” light, haha … rather meaning: cloudy skies in the morning. But Grenat really stands out. 🙂

grenat745 5

grenat745 6

grenat745 7

grenat745 8