[Dior] Bengale (#615)

Bengale is a brown shade with perhaps the slightest hint of khaki. But mostly brown.


Two coats shown below.

bengale615 1

bengale615 2

bengale615 3

bengale615 4


[Dior] Cruise (#676)

First of all, I have to apologise to quite a few of my readers (hello out there :), especially those who got in touch with me via e-mail. The caramelfrappe Google address has been “seized” by my daughter to register with Snapchat and whatever other social media stuff; we actually share it but she didn’t seem to tell me about messages and I didn’t check the inbox for quite some time.

So I’ll be catching up with this and am really, really sorry! Thank you for your sweet messages; some of you were asking why lots of photos are not visible any more, or with the Photobucket message. This is, in fact, because of Photobucket’s conditions, which were changed in the summer, not allowing third-party links for free. I am still moving my stuff to Flickr and it will take a while but I can assure you that all photos will be back one day. It’s just that there are so many.

Today I have Cruise, pink with golden glassflecks (and my blurred face in the lid :mrgreen: ); this posting is for Anna, who is, as I have happily learned, a huge Dior fan. Although this was released for Spring 2016, it took me a while to get hold of it because Alsterhaus didn’t received this particular colour. I ordered it in Italy more than one year later.


Cruise is a bit sheer. This is two coats – with visible nail line.

cruise676 1

cruise676 2

cruise676 3

cruise676 4

Close-up with the beautiful shimmer.

cruise676 m

[Dior] Miss Satin (#162)

I took a while to try this (and moreover, it’s only a swatch) salmon pink.

miss satin162

Miss Satin is pretty in the bottle but clashes with my skintone. Shown below is two coats under artificial light. Nevertheless, beautiful pearl and satin finish.

misssatin162 1

misssatin162 2

misssatin162 3

misssatin162 4

Close-up. Maybe I’ll try this again next summer under bright sunshine. The formula, of course, is flawless.

misssatin162 m

[Dior] Grenat (#745)

Seems that I saved the best for last, regarding Dior’s Precious Rocks nail polishes. Here’s Grenat – red with a hint of berry.


Two coats shown below. Again please excuse the bad lighting.

grenat745 1

grenat745 2

grenat745 3

grenat745 4

“Natural” light, haha … rather meaning: cloudy skies in the morning. But Grenat really stands out. 🙂

grenat745 5

grenat745 6

grenat745 7

grenat745 8

[Dior] Ruby (#673)

Ruby is indeed ruby red, coming with a shimmer finish.


Two coats applied. Artificial light – I am genuinely sorry for these rather bad pictures. Inside (at my mother’s) it was too dark and outside wasn’t better because it had been raining almost all the time with the usual dark clouds.

ruby673 1

ruby673 2

Maybe the photos aren’t that bad …

ruby673 3

This is outside and with a tiny raindrop on the bottle. Tried so hard. I might wear Ruby again because it’s also a pretty shade for Christmas.

ruby673 4

ruby673 5

ruby673 6


ruby673 m

[Dior] Emerald (#809)

Emerald is my latest and brand new Dior and belongs to this year’s Holiday collection, which had arrived last Saturday at Alsterhaus but since they had not testers, the display was still waiting for being set up. Emerald is a green metallic with a hint of turquoise.


Two coats shown below.

emerald809 1

emerald809 2

emerald809 3

On my way to the centre of Nienburg, the small town in Lower Saxony where my mother lives.

emerald809 4

Letterbox in the background. :mrgreen:

emerald809 5

emerald809 6


emerald809 m