[Dior] Evasion (#336)

The name matches the mood. :mrgreen: Unfortunately today’s the day and I will be off to Hamburg in a few hours, locking myself up in the flat! Hope the trains will run smoothly.

Note my reflection in the bottle cap. 😎 Evasion has an apricot base containing golden shimmer particles.


So much for the close-up, because the shimmer does not really transfer to the nail.

evasion336 m

Application was two coats – I was surprised how good it matched with my skintone. So Evasion is actually a classy and chic colour.

evasion336 1

evasion336 2

evasion336 3

evasion336 4

[Dior] Perfect Peach (#446)

As soon as I chose working from home (yes, it’s because of Coronavirus – our institute won’t be operating as usual at least until the end of April), we left Hamburg, in order to spend the rest of this month in Lower Saxony. I feel safer here, it’s a small town, we have the garden and much more space than in Hamburg. Once here, Hamburg feels so far away. This morning, there were hardly people at the normally much-frequented main station (Hauptbahnhof), but many wore protective masks or, which I’d never seen in Hamburg before. I was glad that trains were operating as usual – and the more when we finally arrived at Nienburg.

Nail varnish – and photo blogs – aren’t that important these days and the only colour I took with me (although I have some older Ciaté bottles here) is Chanel Pure Black. Anyway, there are still a few posts in the drafts – starting with Perfect Peach, which was released in January. The name reveals that it’s peach, with golden glassflecks.

perfect peach446

Two coats applied.

perfectpeach446 1

perfectpeach446 2

perfectpeach446 3

perfectpeach446 4


perfectpeach446 m

[Dior] Camel (#224)

Camel was, as far as I’ve heard, Asia-exclusive. However, I purchased it online from the Dior webshop. It’s a light peach with golden glassflecks.


Sorry for the bad light but days have been rainy recently, so it’s hard to take photos outside. Two coats shown below.

camel224 1

camel224 2

camel224 3


camel224 m

[Chanel] Radiant Rouge Noir (#733)

Sorry for the rare posts but I am currently spending the summer at out house in Lower Saxony, escaping the big city life, and I’m not trying new nail colours here – but who knows, I’ll be checking out the local drugstore again on Wednesday.

Radiant Rouge Noir is the metallic version of iconic Rouge Noir (click here for the 2016 version), which has always been part of my very own inner circle of favourite nail colours. 😉 Hence, the base of Radiant Rouge Noir is dark red, enriched with golden and red shimmer.

radiant rougenoir733

Two coats shown below.

radiant rougenoir733 0

radiant rougenoir733 1

radiant rougenoir733 2

radiant rougenoir733 3

radiant rougenoir733 4

I tried to take photos outside the next day but we have the bin romantic again.

radiant rougenoir733 5

radiant rougenoir733 6

Close-up photo.

radiant rougenoir733 m

[Dior] Sun Glow Top Coat (#026)

Finally here’s the Sun Glow Top Coat; this is really made for summer days. I’ve tried it over various colours from the Dior summer collection during the past weeks and am happy to present the photos.

Since it is a glitter top coat meant to add a bit of sparkle to your mani, the Sun Glow Top Coat is sheer, with a bronze base and small golden and bronze glassflecks.

sun glow026

One coat over Orange Sienna.

sun glow026 orange sienna536 1


sun glow026 orange sienna536 m

Layered over Wild Earth. I liked this in particular because of the top coat brightening up Wild Earth a bit. Really looked like summer.

sunglow026 wildearth826 2

sunglow026 wildearth826 1


sunglow026 wildearth826 m

However, my favourite is Sun Glow over Terra Gold. On its own, Terra Gold is a bit too pale for me, but combined with the top coat, it gave my nails a more natural look, despite the shimmer. Hard to explain – I just loved this.

sunglow026 terragold425 2

sunglow026 terragold425 1

Close-up photo.

sunglow026 terragold425 m

[Chanel] Afterglow (#703)

Afterglow is from the summer (or “Cruise”) collection. It’s a nude beige with subtle golden shimmer – and at least semi-sheer.


When looking at the bottle, you hardly notice the shimmer, and it won’t really show up on the nails too, but it’s there.

afterglow703 0

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful, neutral colour, going perfectly with my skin tone. I am pretty tanned now. Because Afterglow is so sheer, I applied three coats and there is still a visible nail line. This shade must look god with French nails, using two or just one coat.

afterglow703 1

afterglow703 2

afterglow703 3

afterglow703 4

At home, inside.

afterglow703 5

Close-up photo.

afterglow703 m

[Chanel] Radiant Verde (#723)

Chanel’s latest release is six ‘radiant’ shades, alluding to already existent colours. I bought them at Beauty Boutique Hamburg at the beginning of the week, and the first shade I tried is Radiant Verde, the shimmer version of Vert No. 19. Hence this one is a blend of mint and turquoise green too, and golden shimmer was added.

radiant verde723

I can’t say why I expected a formula more on the sheerer side, but much to my surprise, Radiant Green is actually a one-coater! (Exclamation mark quite necessary. 😉 ) With just one coat it is fully opaque. To achieve a more even result, shown below is two coats. I also apologise for the bins in the background; our neighbour had the hedge and bushes removed. 😦

radiant verde723 0

radiant verde723 1

radiant verde723 2

radiant verde723 3

radiant verde723 4

Artificial lighting.

radiant verde723 5

radiant verde723 6

Close-up photo.

radiant verde723 m

Steel My Soul

Pulled this out again, i.e. found it at my mother’s. I’ve shown this already but still like the colour (which is taupe with a hint of lilac, as well as golden microglitter) and the finish; it’s called “Brushed Metal Effect” – similar to suède finish. Since Steel My Soul was released in 2012 – and Catrice have changed their bottle shape a while ago -, it’s not available any more, sorry for that.

steel my soul1

Application was two coats. I remember that back in the early (2012) days, I didn’t have many matte nail polishes and was still fascinated by this finish.

steel my soul2

steel my soul3

steel my soul4

steel my soul5

Close-up – with the beautiful golden shimmer.

steel my soul m>

[Dior] Wizz (#541)

I’ll be off to my mother’s again, but let me show Wizz before I won’t be posting for the next few days because I am not taking my laptop with me.

Wizz is a coral shade containing subtle golden shimmer.


Two coats shown below.

wizz541 1

wizz541 2

wizz541 3

wizz541 4

Artificial light.

wizz541 5


wizz541 m