[Chanel] Coquillage (#560)

This is Coquillage. Apricot with golden shimmer (which you should not expect to show up on the nail because it doesn’t, otherwise it would be really cool 😎 ).


Application was two coats. I am pretty tanned now (on Thursday, they’ll open the outdoor leisure pool again 🙂 ) and was surprised how good Coquillage looked in combination with my bronze skin.

coquillage560 1_zpsgo9gjr9j

coquillage560 2_zpsoa9asnop

coquillage560 3_zpsiwyaidso

coquillage560 4_zps7xjms8m5

coquillage560 5_zpsol2wkrft


[Dior] Blazing Bronze (#729)

Definitely a summer colour and perfect for sunny days: Blazing Bronze (which is more a brown bronze) is one of my favourite summer shades for this year. It’s packed with golden and bronze shimmer, which is already prominent in the bottle and also visible on the nails.

blazing bronze729_zpsplvx3frt

Two coats applied.

blazing bronze729 1_zpst91b23jh

blazing bronze729 2_zpsff07lbmq

blazing bronze729 3_zpspmrlgtwe

blazing bronze729 4_zpsdgrkbady

Close up picture.

blazing bronze729 m_zpsk8aihucn

[Dior] Spring Bud (#100)

On Sunday I had Spring Bud on my nails. This is from the latest Diorsnow collection and thus Asia-exclusive (I got my bottle from Singapore). You may remember that I am deeply into greens. Spring bud is a seafoam green (not pastel) with golden and green shimmer.

spring bud100_zpsu3pgfd7f

Although it was cloudy in the morning the sun came out when we finished swimming, and so these photos were taken right in front of the swimming bath. 😉

springbud100 1_zpsvertsk8v

springbud100 2_zpsjysd7gfq

springbud100 3_zpsff0p7xwv

springbud100 4_zpsolnzhmyk

Close-up view.

springbud100 m_zpsrkntwndu

[China Glaze] Joy To The Waves

I just realised that it has been six days since my last post; I am back in Hamburg now, having really enjoyed the break in Lower Saxony. Yesterday I picked up the latest Chanel and Dior nail varnishes, and Spring Bud from Asia-exclusive Diorsnow was delivered today. I am currently wearing Washed Denim by Chanel … so the will be a few shades to show. 🙂

For now I present Joy To The Waves (before spring will be finally kicking in). Blue with fine green and golden shimmer; to me, it looks more summer than Christmas.

Joy To The Waves_zpsrj8nhb9n

Two coats applied.

joy to the waves2_zpsvx4dnor5

joy to the waves3_zpsnvintupw

Artificial light (in my mother’s kitchen, haha). I note that it’s not really different from the daylight view.

joy to the waves4_zpsj2jj9b7a

Close-up picture.

joy to the waves m_zpsdwh6cbid

[Chanel Calypso (#88)

Here’s another vintage Chanel: Calypso. The colour is red brown with golden shimmer. I’ve still got lots of older Chanel nail varnishes I have not tried yet, and I will show them from time to time. 🙂


Two coats applied, natural light.

calypso88 1_zpsmcfabeqp

calypso88 2_zpsjofsznqf

calypso88 3_zpshe6fpfje

Artificial light.

calypso88 4_zpsqufsn82c

calypso88 5_zps3bhjfl6c

Close-up photo.

calypso88 m_zpskammlzsr

[China Glaze] Pearl Jammin’

I was eager to try Pearl Jammin’, which seems to be unique in my stash. It’s dove grey (or blue-grey) with golden shimmer, the shimmer also being slightly iridescent.

pearl jammin_zpspyyyr6wo

As for the formula, I wasn’t sure, since I had read that Pearl Jammin’ is a bit on the sheer side. But I was happy with two coats.

pearl jammin1_zpsp6my4fwe

pearl jammin2_zpsagiu1zlw

Artificial light.

pearl jammin3_zps1vjoim8a

Macro photo.

pearl jammin m_zpsaetfbgvc

[Dior] Cosmic (#899)

One of my latest Dior nail varnishes is Cosmic – it’s actually brand new, being part of this year’s Christmas Collection. The colour is a dark eggplant/plum base with golden shimmer.


Application was two coats. I tried my best regarding capturing the shimmer, but it was too dark in the flat. Probably the macro view at the end of this post will give you an idea.

cosmic899 1_zpsuz8ddvfn

cosmic899 2_zpsw8ypgshm
cosmic899 3_zpsezdzzrvr

cosmic899 4_zpscrudb7eh

Close-up view.

cosmic899 4mjpg_zpsrfvrlew2