[A England] New Romantic

I have a bunch of colours I am planning to show you – but somehow my life is currently very busy, and I am happy that I can finally go swimming again.

New Romantic is a blue-ish purple with holographic finish.

new romantic

Two coats applied. You’ll notice both the blue and purple combined in this colour.







newromantic m

[A England] Tower of London

So I’m still outside Hamburg, appreciating small town life in Nienburg so much and just loving to spend time outside in the garden or during short walks. I went to Hamburg for one day last week because I had to, and it felt strange. Normally I adapt easily and shift between big city and rural area – but I felt so uncomfortable because almost nobody stuck to social distancing, and even less people were wearing masks.

Tower of London was the colour I had on my nails when we came to Nienburg for our long stay, hence mid-March. It’s a beautiful gunmetal shade with holographic glitter.

tower of london

Two coats shown below.

tower of london0

tower of london1

tower of london2

tower of london3

tower of london4

Artificial light.

tower of london5

Close-up photo.

tower of london m

[A England] Punk

Seeing this makes me actually miss Hamburg – although I’m happy being in my small hometown. I’m definitely enjoying the time here, despite the COVID crisis, but I’m in a safe place. Our town itself is still not affected by infections, concering the county, there are about 30 people, who I hope will get well soon!

I’ve started to refurbish the house (which my husband had begun with before he became ill and died) and it can be fun sometimes.

But this post was actually about Punk – to me, this is one of the most stunning colours I’ve seen by A England. Holographic green (and we are speaking of bright green) with golden and green holo glitter.


I told you so – it’s amazing. Two coats applied.






Managed to take a photo outside (this was still in Hamburg).



punk m

Stay safe!

[A England] King’s Road

First post in March – the second week of which is about to start. I’ve been short of time, i. e. there were so many things to arrange for and organise. This weekend was filled with further training. I’ve piled up more overtime but am happy to take a day off now and then, for compensation.

As for King’s Road, to start with, I am always stunned by how A England manages to release such beautiful holos! This one has a grey and slightly beige base, and the holographic effect is amazing.

king s road

King’s Road builds up quickly, and shown below is two coats (where one would have been enough).

kings road1

kings road2

kings road3

kings road4

kings road5

Close-up photo.

kings road m1

[A England] If the Ravens Leave the Tower

Realising that I haven’t added new colours to my A England stash for quite some time, I placed a small order and picked some varnishes of recent collections. So today I’m presenting If the Ravens Leave the Tower, which is a blue-ish petrol with a scattered holographic finish.

if the ravens leave the tower

Happy to have new A England polishes again! Shown below is two coats.

if the ravens1

if the ravens2

if the ravens3

I couldn’t decide which photos to pick, so here is a picture overload. These were taken with artificial lighting.

if the ravens leave the tower1

if the ravens leave the tower2

if the ravens leave the tower3

if the ravens leave the tower4

if the ravens leave the tower5


if the ravens leave the tower m

Hamburg was hit by heavy storms today – trains (and flights) were cancelled, and some underground and bus timetables are disrupted too. It has been raining all day. I’m glad that we went to Nienburg last weekend but hope that the graves will be fine (I might ask my friend or neighbours over there to check, once the weather clears up again). As for tomorrow, I expect the metro to be crowded … hope I’ll make it to my workplace safely and on time. It’s a wonderful job by the way, with great colleagues.

[Chanel] Holographic

I finally put on legendary Holographic from the Duo Platinum Set – holographic silver, there’s probably no more to say -, which I bought ages ago from Valerie, a fellow Mensan and Chanel collector, but without realising at first that is was her (I just found the name familiar 😉 ). Here it is.


Two coats shown below, no top coat. I also forgot about the aqua basecoat and used a regular base. Still the holographic effect is more than stunning!





Close-up picture.

holographic m

[Essence] Cosmic Lights

Getting sparkly for the Season. Cosmic Lights was a birthday present, and I adore it. The steel-grey base is packed with silver holographic glitter, adding further sparkle to the foil finish.

It’s also super easy to apply, dries fast and not too gritty. Shown below is two coats with top coat.

Natural lighting, but photos taken inside.

Close-up photo.

Dancing with Nureyev

Another set of photos which I took during the summer, in August, when I spent a couple of weeks at my mother’s. Hence you’ll notice the small hothouse in the background, as well as the garden in full bloom.

I’ve shown Dancing with Nureyev before, and it is still one of my favourite holos and A England colours. Two coats applied.

dancing w nureyev1

dancing w nureyev2

dancing w nureyev3

dancing w nureyev4

dancing w nureyev5


dancing w nureyevm

Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil (shown before) was my pick for Fantasy Filmfest closing night. I thought this charcoal shade with holographic glitter particles would be perfect for the last day filled with great films.


Two coats applied. Unfortunately no direct sunlight but cloudy sky, so you don’t notice the shimmer.


Artificial light with brings out the sparkle.






bridalveil m