[Orly] Ancient Jade

Another jade green colour, but this one contains a visible proportion of blue (although not as prominent as in the swatch pics).


Two coats. This is a short post, I know. :mrgreen: But I’ve been enjoying the really hot weather, including tons of ice cream. 🙂 Need to catch up with my work a bit …



[Orly] Hook Up

I love yellow shades. 🙂 Hook up has a shimmer finish too.


But I needed thress coats to achieve opaqueness … nevertheless, it’s a pretty colour.




[Orly] Androgynie

Found this on my hard disk drive… multicoloured glitter in various sizes and shapes in a blackened jelly base. I’ve got the mini bottle of Androgynie, which belongs to Orly’s Holiday Soirée Collection of Holiday 2011.


Two coats, I guess. I’m going to apply it again next week, I love this polish! Missed out lots of glitter when swatching Androgynie. 😦



[Orly] Pixie Dust

Basically, Pixie Dust reminds of Mirror Mirror (both are from the Once Upon A Time collection, that’s why it comes with another charm, a fairy), but it is more a medium grey with a hint of blue, containing sparkly flakies in a quite opaque jelly base.

pixie dust

Yesterday I had a little chat with Pictured Tinsel‘s Elena about this one… @Elena, I’m sure you’ll like Pixie Dust! Looking forward to seeing your swatches. 🙂

Two coats, artificial light.

pixie dust

pixie dust

pixie dust