[Chanel] Nouvelle Vague

My current mani is Chanel Nouvelle Vague from their Summer Collection 2010, “Les Pop-ups de Chanel”. It’s a creamy turquoise with a slight shimmer, which is almost invisible on the nail.

nouvelle vague

Two coats.

nouvelle vague

As for her sisters, Mistral and Riviera, I featured them earlier. Please see here and here.

les pop-ups

I like this collection so much, for its extraordinary colours!

(As for my final remarks in the post below, I didn’t mean to be feisty or rude, but some sassy twaddle about crackles and some people’s sick associations made me frown. I mean, mentioning crackle effects in one breath with prostitution seems a little far-fetched! By they way, I doubt that they ever heard of craquelé, which can be used as an induced arts technique too; crackle coats are just craquelé applied to nail arts, as many nail arts techniques obviously derive from fine arts. I will spare you the link to the crackle polish slander mentioned above, since this is meant to be a happy place for people who love nail polish. sun )


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Nouvelle Vague

  1. I’m absolutely in love with this colour, please can you tell me where you found it? I’ve been searching and searching yet still can’t find it anymore. Thanks!


  2. I’m sorry to disappoint you – I got this from eBay a while ago. They pop up on eBay from time to time; I probably grabbed a bargain (p&p inclusive less than 30 euros).
    Glad that you like it, you’re right, the colour is gorgeous!


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