[Eyeko] Vintage Polish

For Elegant Nails, as is says on the bottle. 😉 This is a pastel mint green.


Three coats. Like every Eyeko polish, this is easy to apply.



3 thoughts on “[Eyeko] Vintage Polish

  1. Hello Carla! I loved so much these nail laquers because the colours were young and each one had a unique labels! Vintage is one of my fave, maybe because it was the first Eyeko nail polish I bought. I’m so sad they are discontinued now… What’s your favourite one?


  2. Hi and thanks for your comment! I’m pretty disappointed, too, that Eyeko obviously restructured their products and relaunched by focusing on eye products (I also miss the fat balms and their cream); I don’t understand why they did this, because their polishes are (were 😦 ) fantastic! I’ll be putting on Vintage for the weekend and it is definitely beautiful. My favourite Eyeko polish, however, is Cosmic – which also was my first Eyeko product. 🙂
    Have a nice day!


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