[Yves Saint Laurent] Taupe Rétro (#21)

Taupe Rétro – because browns always look good, especially muted ones. This one is a mud shade, or just taupe, hence a classy colour.

taupe retro

I’m sorry for having only photos under artificial light.

tauperetro21 1

tauperetro21 2

tauperetro21 3

tauperetro21 4


Utopian Turquoise Again

Felt like being thrown back to 2011, when I had applied Utopian Turqoise (Turquoise utopique) for the first time, because this brought me through the weekend now, and today I was also wearing the same turqoise dress you’ll see in this link, leading to the inital post. I had forgotten about the nail varnish/dress combo! 😉

Here are recent (i.e. of yesterday) photos of Utopian Turquoise, two coats.

utopian turquoise n1

Same experience with this as last time: sot the slightest indication of chipping after two days. However, this lovely turquoise (with high proportion of blue) stains a bit after removal, but this won’t last long. It’s definitely one of the best formulae I know.

utopian turquoise n2

utopian turquoise n3

utopian turquoise n4

utopian turquoise n5

[Yves Saint Laurent] Fuchsia Intemporel (#9)

Hello there! Yesterday I checked my stash and realised that there are still so many Chanel and Dior nail varnishes I haven’t shown yet, not only vintage shades but also newer ones, such as Rouge Red of this year or Monochrome (standard collection).  I was sure that I had already tried them, but no. Good for you though, still lots of stuff to go through. 😉

As for Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t own that many of this brand’s nail colours. Here is one I bought recently, Fuchsia Intemporel, which is … fuchsia!

fuchsia intemporel9_zpsel3aj5ak

Or fuchsia with a hint of berry. This is two coats.

fuchsia intemporel9 1_zpstt1ccnvv

fuchsia intemporel9 2_zpssfnwzn1a

fuchsia intemporel9 3_zps6stuyn9a

fuchsia intemporel9 4_zpsa5utbc1s

fuchsia intemporel9 5_zpshlemboad

[Yves Saint Laurent] Khaki Arty (#31)

If you are a bit familiar with my taste, you will notice that Khaki Arty is quite an unusual shade for my nails. It’s indeed khaki with olive green undertones – nothing that will make me think of winter days. 😉 I received this from C.M of ChaHeVu blog – ages ago and as a special edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out.

khaki arty_zpsqi4yh2jo

Shown below is two coats.

khaki arty31 1_zpsvtwgt77w

khaki arty31 2_zpsjho6kors

khaki arty31 3_zpseatgwuid

Artificial light. This brings out the green.

khaki arty31 4_zpsted1mfmd

[Yves Saint Laurent] Rose Scabiosa (#48)

Hope your Christmas was wonderful1 Now let’s move on to the end of this year. I am still enjoying being in Lower Saxony. So peaceful and quiet here, swimming bath every day … although less Pokéstops than in Hamburg! 🙂

Rose Scabiosa. I’ve had this in my stash for ages. It’s light pink – no pastel – with a hint of lilac. Looks very feminine in the bottle but often these pinks clash with my skintone, which is probably why I had put Rose Scabiosa on hold.

rose scabiosa 48_zps8qkcbqci

Two coats shown below.

rose scabiosa48 1_zpsfvxbb0qb

rose scabiosa48 2_zpsf9qtmuqn

rose scabiosa48 3_zpscdg9yaj6