[Yves Saint Laurent] Utopian Turquoise (Turquoise utopique)

I thought this was sold out everywhere and I wasn’t really after it. But when I saw it yesterday, passing by a small perfumery round the corner of our flat, I was struck right away by the bright turquoise (I’m totally into turquoise this summer, remember Saint-Tropez).


This ist just great. It’s my first YSL varnish and I had no idea of what to expect from its formula or application. Both are stunning; Utopian Turquoise is almost a one coater. It applied evenly too. When doing the first coat, I thought that the brush was a bit too long but the second one was done with more confidence. 🙂



With different light.


And my boyfriend surprised me with Surreal Yellow today! 🙂

NB – Day three with this, still no chipping or tip wear!

3 thoughts on “[Yves Saint Laurent] Utopian Turquoise (Turquoise utopique)

  1. Das ganze Wochenende über! Morgen kommt erst mal Graphite drauf. Utopian Turquoise hinterlässt trotz Basecoat Rückstände (habe ich bemerkt, als ich gestern den einen Nagel geflickt habe), so dass ich erst mal eine neutralisierende Farbe benötige, und außerdem möchte ich Graphite am Samstag gerne am Chanelstand vorführen. 🙂


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