[Dior] Printemps – Été 2014

I have the feeling it’s never going stop raining; it’s already the second day with nonstop rainfalls, and I actualy thought we’ve got summer! Today I got up at 5.40 in the morning, in order to catch the train to Hamburg … and got so tired in the late afternoon. 😉 So I am back in the big city for two days.

Printemps – Été 2014 at least alludes to summer, also in terms of its colour, which is a bright carrot shade. Moreover, it is the exact colour of Dior Mango. Believe me, not a tad different.

printemps-ete 2014

So here is Printemps – Été 2014 on my nails, two coats.

printemps ete2014 1

printemps ete2014 2

printemps ete2014 3

printemps ete2014 4

See? I told you so. 😉


[Dior] Reflects (#228) (over Essence No Hurries, No Worries)

So I presented No Hurries, No Worries (aka one of the most opaque nail varnishes 😎 ) yesterday, and here it is topped with Reflects. Reflects is meant as a top coat and packed with golden glassflecks in a sheer base.


One coat of Reflects over my (two-coat) No Hurries, No Worries mani to achieve a slightly golden shimmer.

reflects228 no hurries no worries1_zpswv3w8sps

reflects228 no hurries no worries2_zpsfeqswzk9

reflects228 no hurries no worries3_zpseyqbtl0n

reflects228 no hurries no worries4_zpsaiyfaykg

Artificial light.

reflects228 no hurries no worries5_zps7e4hif7j

reflects228 no hurries no worries6_zps1ozvc2mz

Close-ups under natural (left) and artificial light.

reflects m1_zpsjknjb8nh reflects m2_zps1txmjmwx

[Dior] Night Shock (#808)

Night Shock. I don’t wear dark colours that often when days get shorter – but this has been in my stash for a while, so I gave it a try. Nevertheless, Night Shock looked really pretty when I went to the swimming bath, refelcted by sunlight and the water. The base colour is dark grey or charcoal grey, and it is packed with microglitter for a shimmer finish.


Shown below is two coats. We are at my mother’s place currently, since it’s autumn holidays, and it feels nice being here. I wasn’t lucky regarding the weather when taking photos, but at least you’ll notice the shimmer in the bottle.

night shock808 1_zpsdltleaqd

night shock808 2_zps5uxeirlz

night shock808 3_zps5cm2cklt

night shock808 4_zpsosb3ckht

night shock808 5_zpsgcmhokpk

Close-up view.

night shock808 m_zps5goe8ydd

[Catrice] Call Me Princess

Japan-Filmfest is scheduled to start on Wednesday. Today I secured my tickets and, of course, I have already chosen my “festival nail colour”: Call Me Princess had been waiting patiently; it’s been in my stash for a long time, being neglected. It’s a sand polish and although I like this finish very much there was a time when I simply ignored it. I tried Call Me Princess, which is pink with golden glitter, about two weeks ago and loved how it sparkles. As for Japan-Filmfest, I prefer glitters, anything that looks a bit crazy and sparkly, so Call Me Princess really deserves to be worn.

Call Me Princess

Two coats shown below. This also has the advantage of drying quickly.

Call Me Princess

Call Me Princess

Call Me Princess

Call Me Princess

Close up view.

Call Me Princess