[Catrice] Call Me Princess

Japan-Filmfest is scheduled to start on Wednesday. Today I secured my tickets and, of course, I have already chosen my “festival nail colour”: Call Me Princess had been waiting patiently; it’s been in my stash for a long time, being neglected. It’s a sand polish and although I like this finish very much there was a time when I simply ignored it. I tried Call Me Princess, which is pink with golden glitter, about two weeks ago and loved how it sparkles. As for Japan-Filmfest, I prefer glitters, anything that looks a bit crazy and sparkly, so Call Me Princess really deserves to be worn.


Two coats shown below. This also has the advantage of drying quickly.

call me princess1_zps9srz8y3z

call me princess2_zpsflclc7y2

call me princess3_zpszj1hjzhs

call me princess4_zpsbut7rkig

Close up view.

call me princess m_zpsjfxggcmq

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