[Dior] Night Shock (#808)

Night Shock. I don’t wear dark colours that often when days get shorter – but this has been in my stash for a while, so I gave it a try. Nevertheless, Night Shock looked really pretty when I went to the swimming bath, refelcted by sunlight and the water. The base colour is dark grey or charcoal grey, and it is packed with microglitter for a shimmer finish.


Shown below is two coats. We are at my mother’s place currently, since it’s autumn holidays, and it feels nice being here. I wasn’t lucky regarding the weather when taking photos, but at least you’ll notice the shimmer in the bottle.

night shock808 1_zpsdltleaqd

night shock808 2_zps5uxeirlz

night shock808 3_zps5cm2cklt

night shock808 4_zpsosb3ckht

night shock808 5_zpsgcmhokpk

Close-up view.

night shock808 m_zps5goe8ydd


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