[Essence] Mrs. Brightside

We’re having the best sunny weather today, loving it! 😎 I already went swimming (the outdoor pools are open now) and sadly we’ll be going back to Hamburg later during the afternoon. But I am going to collect new Chanel nail colours from the Beauty Boutique tomorrow, so it’s worth the ride back.

Here’s a nail colour perfect for hot summer days, Mrs. Brightside. Bright, flashy yellow – just what you might expect regarding the name.

mrs. brightside

Two coats shown below.

mrs brightside1

mrs brightside2

mrs brightside3

mrs brightside4

mrs brightside5

Still standing out under artificial lighting.

mrs brightside6

[Essence] Everybody Say Yeah

I actually wanted to wear this for Easter because the slightly pastel mint green would have matchedsome festive days. A few days later, Everybody Say Yeah made it to my nails.

everybody say yeah

Shown below is two coats. I’m still excited about the new (even better) Essence formula: three days without chipping or tipwear, probably longer, but I usually try to change colous every two or three days. I’m getting used to the new bottle shape too.

everybody say yeah1

everybody say yeah2

everybody say yeah3

everybody say yeah4

everybody say yeah5

[Dior] Lucky Dior (#539)

Here we go again – April has been the busiest month so far, with Fantasy Filmfest Nights and (German) Mensa Annual Gathering but I had lots of fun and met the sweetest people. Before it’s time for Japan-Filmfest Hamburg (but only during the second half of May), I’ll show you Lucky Dior. If you think you have heard this before, the colour is indeed similar to classic Lucky – coral red with a hint of watermelon -, but this one adds some glassflecks.

lucky dior539

Application was two coats. Obviously red is the dominant shade in this.

luckydior539 1

luckydior539 2

luckydior539 3

luckydior539 4


luckydior539 m

[Dior] Sparkle (#347)

This is for sure going to be a super quick post because I’m nearly on my way to Fantasy Filmfest Nights. Its about Sparkle, the second nail varnish from Diorsnow 2019. Again we have the frost finish but this time with a peach – and slightly pink – base.


It’s ok on my nails but not my kind of shade. Shown below is two coats.

sparkle347 1

sparkle347 2

sparkle347 3

sparkle347 4

Close-up; the shimmer is indeed pretty!

sparkle347 m

[Dior] Twinkle (#574)

Twinkle is the pink frost from this year’s Diorsnow collection, actually available exclusively in Asia – or via the Dior webshop, where I got mine bottle from.


Since it’s pink with a hint of cherry I hoped that it would look good with my skintone – and it does. Two coats shown below.

twinkle574 1

twinkle574 2

twinkle574 3

twinkle574 4

Close-up photo.

twinkle574 m

[Essence] Legally Pink

Presenting the second shade I bought from the new nail varnish range with its re-vamped bottles. Legally Pink is, as you’ll see from the photos, more coral pink than true pink. It’s bright and beautiful.

legally pink

Application was two coats. Perfect coverage and I have the feeling these new colours last for ages without tip wear. After three days, my nails don’t look any different, no chipping either.

legally pink1

legally pink2

legally pink3

legally pink4

That’s outside the swimming bath.

legally pink5

Artificial lighting.

legally pink7

legally pink6

[Dior] Diorcelestial (#891)

Well, another purple! 😉 Yesterday at Alsterhaus department store they stated that I seem to be into berry shades, so they’re probably right and that explains the many pinks and berries here … Today I’m presenting Diorcelestial, which is one of my latest additions. It’s got a purple base filled with glassflecks in pink, blue and silver.


And yes, the sparkles are visible on the nail. Two coats shown below. I like this colour so much that I got the matching lipstick. 🙂

diorcelestial891 1

diorcelestial891 2

diorcelestial891 3

diorcelestial891 4

Close-up photo.

diorcelestial891 m

[Dior] Be Dior (#976)

The latest Dior nail colours are in – I got the Diorsnow and Addict Stellar Shine collections, which I had ordered on-line, a couple of days ago.  Here is Be Dior (#976, not to be confused with #892, which is a purple shimmer): berry red with shimmer.

be dior976

Two coats shown below. I’ve been having this one on my nails for the third day now and it still looks good, with minimal chipping. The shimmer is very subtle and overall it’s an elegant shade. Sorry that I don’t have any daylight pictures, it’s been too cloudy outside.

be dior976 1

be dior976 2

be dior976 3

be dior976 4


be dior976 m