[Chanel] Paparazzi (#579)

I tried to find Paparazzi in this blog, then realised that I had worn but obviously not been taking photos of it … thus I applied it again. The colour is brown with a hint of plum and copper shimmer.


Two coats shown below. I didn’t like it when I first tried it shortly after its release (hence summer 2013) but don’t remember why. Maybe the usual skinton/nail colour clash. Nevertheless, when I wore Paparazzi again a couple of weeks ago, I thought it looked really classy on my nails. Even under artificial light. 😉

paparazzi579 1

paparazzi579 2

Even better in daylight! 😎

paparazzi579 3

paparazzi579 4

paparazzi579 5

Close-up view.

paparazzi579 m

So, I’m sorry for not having shown it before. But even if I had – Photobucket is still keeping my stuff on hold, and I am very slow regarding migrating to flickr. I usually try to update all posts (i. e. uploading photos again) I notice you were clicking on, so at least you’ll have those.

And for something else: Tomorrow we’ll be going to a pool party, which is taking place at the local swimming bath (it’s a small, but this place has only a population of 32,000). You remember that I love swimming and I go there regularly. There will be a professional setup, involving many games and so, of course, it’s especially for children, so I guess my daughter will have loads of fun. And me too. People are so incredibly nice over there, guests as well as staff. I have kind of a swimming buddy – not a real buddy, just an old man I can share a lane with when it gets too muddled up in the pool. So we never speak – but don’t get in each other’s way, and he is a bit faster than me, but I seem to have gotten better, haha. 😉 But what I was actually about to say: At first, I thought he was in his mid-50s, until I could take a look at his face without his goggles – I would have guessed: 70 and above. But swims so so fast! Today I had another peek, and believe me or not: He must be way older than 80! I was just thinking: OMG! 😯 I wish I was that fit. Amazing.

(Also loved that tousle-haired granny today, who was a slow swimmer but still decided to move to the fast track – which I only use when there is no other lap. She looked to happy and smiled a lot! 🙂 )


[Dior] Créoles (678)

Apart from (vintage) Chanel nail polishes, I have quite a few Diors too I have not tried yet. I am currently wearing Créoles, a bright pink (with a touch of blue) which was released in 2013. I remember that the released date somewhat clashed with Fantasy Filmfest so that I preferred darker colours at that time of the year, and so Créoles waited patiently in my stash … to be forgotten until two days ago. 🙂


Application was two coats.

creoles678 1_zpsukqekrsi

creoles678 2_zpstbvfvvcm

creoles678 3_zpsg7ehhdqz

[China Glaze] That’s Shore Bright

I’m having trouble with my internet connection currently, so I haven’t uploaded new swatch pictures so far. But luckily (or not), there are still lots of drafts. For instance That’s Shore Bright. In the summer, I love neons and pastels, and since I have presented a couple of pastels lately, here is the next neon shade, a bright pink with a tad of lilac.

that's shore bright

Two coats.

that's shore bright

that's shore bright

The next day, I applied a top coat, Essie Good to Go.

that's shore bright

that's shore bright

that's shore bright

that's shore bright

[China Glaze] Too Yacht to Handle

Since the days are getting warmer (hopefully, because actually the weather forecast had mentioned something like 19° C for Good Friday, but in fact, we barely hit 10 degrees 😦 ), I love wearing neon shades. Too Yacht to Handle is a dream of a jade green, mixed with a dab of turquoise.

too yacht to handle

I guess that I don’t have to express my love for China Glaze nail varnishes again. 😉 Shown below is two coats.

too yacht to handle

too yacht to handle

too yacht to handle

This is pretty off-topic, but I prepared yummy easter nests. 🙂


Happy Easter!