[Dior] Samba Duo #794

Again, I have tons of swatches of recent varnishes, such as Chanel Cosmic and Magic, but I still need to edit those pics, or even upload them. So I decided to browse through my drafts – there are loads of them too. 🙄

The Samba box contains two shades with a smaller bottle size than usual; here is the turquoise one, #794 (it doesn’t officially have a name), presenting a foil finish.


Two coats. This is wonderful for sunny days





Macro view.


Perfect beach life, but without Samba #794 (and Bäri Bäri).

fabler björns


One thought on “[Dior] Samba Duo #794

  1. That looks a lot like CHANEL Azure? Are they close to the same? It would be interesting to see, but with that color it’s hard to tell, they may be completely different. Thanks for sharing, you always have the most interesting shades!

    One of the many reasons I love your blog!


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