[Chanel] Bleu Pastel (#584)

Pastel blue, the name says it.


It’s beautiful in the bottle and even more beautiful on the nail. Pastels can be tricky regarding patches but Blue Pastel looked pretty after just two coats.

bleupastel584 1_zpsor1f8so6

bleupastel584 2_zps0s6hkkil

bleupastel584 3_zpslgs5cnoi

bleupastel584 4_zpsnxls278q


[Essence] The Semi Matt

This ia a beautiful shade by Essence from last year (Winter collection, as the bottle says), The Semi Matt. Pastel blue with grey undertones, definitely a subtle and pretty colour, with a semi-matte finish.

the semi matt_zpsxss0drjp

However, the finish is not really semi-matte; shown below is two coats with top coat, but even without the top coat, The Semi Matt (ignore its name though) presented a rather glossy finish. At least no suède one, as I had hoped for. Nevertheless, the colour is beautiful, as mentioned before.

the semi matt1_zps9cummkrq

the semi matt2_zps61pexm6h

the semi matt3_zpssims17bx

the semi matt4_zpsamdviccu

[A England] Waltz Of the Flowers

Waltz Of the Flowers (which I thought I had shown before). This is a pretty lilac holographic shade, also slightly iridescent.

Waltz Of the Flowers_zps5bf4wbot

Don’t get mistaken by the photos – we are in the middle of a heatwave now, which I had wished for when I actually took the pictures about a week ago. Two coats shown below.

waltz of the flowers1_zps6fmwukvk

waltz of the flowers2_zpsq4fgqpyz

waltz of the flowers3_zpsg4yjdyyh

waltz of the flowers4_zpsnctyw3hp

Close-up view.

waltz of the flowers m_zpsr3x3afvw

We are finally in Lower Saxony at my mother’s place, and I am enjoying the garden view. Did you know that I was collecting high-end perfumes initially? (Guess I have not mentioned before.) That is, I have been collecting ballpens since school and am still after them. As for perfume, it all started with duty-free Chanel and then simply evolved. I had quite a collection which I also used (same as I’m applying my nail varnishes), but when I got pregnant I could not stand most scents any more, and that was when I either gave them away or also threw them away (what an idiot, I know) – and kept a few bottles. I should actually just have given them to my mother, which would have been a wiser choice.

I remembered my passion for perfume because I received a sample of Jil Sander Sun about two weeks ago, and this had been my favourite for the summer for a long time. Still loving it to bits. So much for this. 🙂

[Dior] Bleuette (301)

Bleuette. Well, it’s still cold outside, but somehow I’m in the mood for pastels, anticipating spring. Bleuette is a pastel blue with hints of turquoise.


I expected this to be streaky (as sometimes is the case with pastels) but it was opaque – and smooth – with two coats. Gorgeous formula and shade, isn’t it? 🙂

bleuette301 1_zpsla3oxex9

bleuette301 2_zpsnssbzz78

bleuette301 3_zpsqz8dszzy

bleuette301 4_zpspn9zoseh

bleuette301 5_zpshlpifz8k

[Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend] Lebedushka

Here’s another nail varnish by Anna Gorelova (Dance Legend), Lebedushka. I got this a while ago at Elena‘s blog sale and happily added it to my stash. Lebedushka presents a light blue base with golden glitter, combined with a textured finish.


Application was two coats. I did not use top coat. Photos were taken some time ago, during the time I still hat that bump on my ring finger …






Close-up view.