[Dior] Bleuette (301)

Bleuette. Well, it’s still cold outside, but somehow I’m in the mood for pastels, anticipating spring. Bleuette is a pastel blue with hints of turquoise.


I expected this to be streaky (as sometimes is the case with pastels) but it was opaque – and smooth – with two coats. Gorgeous formula and shade, isn’t it? 🙂

bleuette301 1_zpsla3oxex9

bleuette301 2_zpsnssbzz78

bleuette301 3_zpsqz8dszzy

bleuette301 4_zpspn9zoseh

bleuette301 5_zpshlpifz8k


2 thoughts on “[Dior] Bleuette (301)

  1. What a nice baby blue, Carla. It’s adorable and flawless!!!
    I think you’ve not only menatlly prepared for Spring but also uodated with Pantone’s decision for 2016 🙂


    • Thank you Valens. Bleuette is really pretty (currently my daughter has it on her nails 😉 ). You are definitely right; I love Pantone’s 2016 colours! Best pick for years. Although I have a couple of clothes in marsala, I didn’t prefer it for my nails …

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