[Yves Saint Laurent] Nuit Blanche (#58)

Back in Hamburg, here is Nuit Blanche, the light sister polish of Nuit Noire. This one is rather sheer and hence more suited as an effect top coat, containing white and iridescent glassflecks.

nuit blanche58

Three coats shown below – it’s not really meant to be worn on its own, even though the flakies look quite dense in the bottle.

nuit blanche58 1

nuit blanche58 2

nuit blanche58 3

nuit blanche58 4


nuit blanche58 m

Dior Azur topped with Eclosion

Happy Easter!


I haven’t got a special Easter manicure but decided for something colourful the days before Easter, Azur topped with Eclosion. I was really sick of cold wet (and icy) days and wanted something bright, to invite Spring.

azur eclosion1

azur eclosion2

azur eclosion3

azur eclosion4

But then it snowed the next day! :mrgreen: This was taken after swimming, on my way home. Just notice the snow in the background. 😮

azur eclosion5

Nevertheless a close-up. Of the nails, not the snow of course. 😉

azur eclosion m

For the actual Easter days I decided on Glory, which is currently on my nails.

[China Glaze] Sun’s Up Top Down

It’s spring finally! At least the sun has come out and it is definitely getting warmer, especially compared to yesterday when the sky was grey and it rained almost all day long. I was so – literally – sick of the cold and dark wheather. Hope these fine days will last. 🙂 At least I carry some sunshine on my nails, Sun’s Up Top Down is a beautiful bright yellow with shimmer finish.

suns up top down_zpsh3jwpmle

The formula is a bit runny with slight pooling at the tips. But somehow I managed a more or less smooth application (with three thin coats).



Indirect light.



Close-up photo.

sunsuptopdown m_zpstpvmnshl

[China Glaze] UV Meant to Be

UV Meant to Be is a bright blue.

UV Meant to Be_zpscf39zlwj

To be honest, its formula is pretty runny … nevertheless, UV Meant to Be is a beautiful colour and making up for the hard times application had given me. Two coats over white, and since this was so hard to capture again, photos were taken using my mobile.

UV Meant to Be1_zpsnwqhiwva

There is also a new, white “colour booster base coat” (that’s actualy its name) by Essence, which I tried with UV Meant to Be, and it really worked in terms of colour-intensifying. Moreover, no stains upon removal, which I expected.

UV Meant to Be2_zpsheszbd6r

UV Meant to Be3_zpsnftfyibh

UV Meant to Be4_zpsmcxwlq4q

UV Meant to Be5_zpsoc5tzftg