Utopian Turquoise Again

Felt like being thrown back to 2011, when I had applied Utopian Turqoise (Turquoise utopique) for the first time, because this brought me through the weekend now, and today I was also wearing the same turqoise dress you’ll see in this link, leading to the inital post. I had forgotten about the nail varnish/dress combo! 😉

Here are recent (i.e. of yesterday) photos of Utopian Turquoise, two coats.

utopian turquoise n1

Same experience with this as last time: sot the slightest indication of chipping after two days. However, this lovely turquoise (with high proportion of blue) stains a bit after removal, but this won’t last long. It’s definitely one of the best formulae I know.

utopian turquoise n2

utopian turquoise n3

utopian turquoise n4

utopian turquoise n5


[Wet n Wild] I Need a Refresh-mint

Quite literally, yes! Over the past few days, temperatures have risen to about 33 °C. I Loved it but when it gets that warm, liquid intake matters so much. Moreover, we wnt to the swimming bath every day. It’s so mich fun there and never crowded. Before we left for Lower Saxony, I secured my pick from Chanel’s collection for autumn at Alsterhaus, but due to the heat, I’m still not in the mood for anything autumnal (indeed, I have been wearing neon colours on my nails and am sill) … so I have not tried anything yet (got some eye makeup stuff too and the solours look so amazing).

As for today’s nail colour, it’s I Need a Refresh-mint. Classic mint green with a tad of turquoise. I remember when I received this from my friend Judi of Middle Aged Beauty Queen blog, and since I am a huge fan of mint shades, this became a favourite instantly.


Shown below is two coats.





[Dior] Bay (601)

Bay has been released only recently and is, as I understand, kind of super limited, which is sad because it mint green colour (also spotting a hint of turquoise) makes it special, even in my Dior stash. Notice my reflection on the lid; I tried really hard capturing the actual shade of Bay. :mrgreen:


As soon as I had Bay on my nails, the sun came out. Nothing beats outdoor photos, I guess. Two coats applied.

bay601 1_zpsqhkc9grl

bay601 2_zpskitqfdrp

bay601 3_zpshfbqyex2

bay601 4_zpslzrdaepq

[A England] Katyusha

This is from the current Russian Soul collection, you may notice a slight hint of turquoise added to the white gold base … packed with metallic shimmer too.


Formula of A England is flawless als always; I applied two coats and seized the sunshine. In bright sunlight, Katyusha is a stunner.





Photo taken inside. Still pretty and sparkling because of the metallic finish.


Close up picture.

katyusha m_zpscmmho2xc