[Yves Saint Laurent] Fuchsia Intemporel (#9)

Hello there! Yesterday I checked my stash and realised that there are still so many Chanel and Dior nail varnishes I haven’t shown yet, not only vintage shades but also newer ones, such as Rouge Red of this year or Monochrome (standard collection).  I was sure that I had already tried them, but no. Good for you though, still lots of stuff to go through. 😉

As for Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t own that many of this brand’s nail colours. Here is one I bought recently, Fuchsia Intemporel, which is … fuchsia!

fuchsia intemporel9_zpsel3aj5ak

Or fuchsia with a hint of berry. This is two coats.

fuchsia intemporel9 1_zpstt1ccnvv

fuchsia intemporel9 2_zpssfnwzn1a

fuchsia intemporel9 3_zps6stuyn9a

fuchsia intemporel9 4_zpsa5utbc1s

fuchsia intemporel9 5_zpshlemboad


[Yves Saint Laurent] Rose Futuriste (#11)

Bright fuchsia pink with slight blue undertones. No further remarks necessary – Rose Futuriste is an amazing shade!

rose futuriste11_zpshvpp401b
Application was two coats. Artificial light:

rosefuturiste11 4_zpsjtcbnj2h

Daylight (making it look more on the berry side).

rosefuturiste11 1_zpsrbfm6zmr

rosefuturiste11 2_zpslyotkdip

rosefuturiste11 3_zpskozy1vzn

[China Glaze] Don’t Desert Me

This is so beautiful! No idea why, but I’m getting many compliments for Don’t Desert Me. It’s probably because of the grey sky and temperatures getting colder – this fuchsia, shimmer finish too, brightens the day.

dont desert me_zps4usrjzig
And because of the weather mentioned above I could not manage capturing the shimmer of Don’t Desert me. Maybe the macro shot at the end might give you an idea.

dont desert me1_zpsdhqfifuc

dont desert me2_zpsc49gsqij

dont desert me3_zpsgcawe6hq

Close-up picture.

dont desert me m_zps05kcxcuk

[China Glaze] Love’s A Beach

Love’s A Beach is actually a stunner – bright neon pink (with a notable proportion of fuchsia) with shimmer finish.

loves a beach_zpst37j1rou

Unfortunately, the sun was hiding … Just imagine a brilliantly shining shade. Two coats applied, as well as top coat, otherwise the finish is satin-y.

loves a beach1_zpsenku9swo

loves a beach2_zpseyksexvk

Photos taken outside. I will for sure apply Love’s A Beach again sometime soon and really regret that I had been waiting for so long to try it.

loves a beach3_zpsvumb9xrc

loves a beach4_zpsaskapdz5

Close-up view.

loves a beach m_zpseu3ijhgx

[Dior] Créoles (678)

Apart from (vintage) Chanel nail polishes, I have quite a few Diors too I have not tried yet. I am currently wearing Créoles, a bright pink (with a touch of blue) which was released in 2013. I remember that the released date somewhat clashed with Fantasy Filmfest so that I preferred darker colours at that time of the year, and so Créoles waited patiently in my stash … to be forgotten until two days ago. 🙂


Application was two coats.

creoles678 1_zpsukqekrsi

creoles678 2_zpstbvfvvcm

creoles678 3_zpsg7ehhdqz