Sprung (OPI) Again

I am currently wearing Sprung and since it’s been a while since my last OPI post (I haven’t bought nail colour of this brand recently) I thought I could share this with you – although there is a already a blog entry. Nevertheless, I think that with its copper foil finish Sprung is made for this season. Hard to believe that it was actually released for Spring, isn’t it? 🙂

This is two coats.

sprung n1

sprung n2

sprung n3

sprung n4

sprung n5

Close-up picture.

sprung m

Altough I am definitely no fan of winter or cold wheather, I am beginning to adapt to it. I still cannot say that I like being outside during rain or snow – but I go swimming regularly (I always loved swimming) and swim long distances, and I guess it helps coping with any season. I don’t feel that uncomfortable during winter anymore. Normally wintertime was equal to permanently suffering from a cold. 😉 But regardless of the wheater, I make my way to the swimming bath and realised that it’s probably only a matter of the right clothes. We’ll see!


Fancy Pants (China Glaze) Again

Some new photos of Fancy Pants, which is one of my favourite China Glazes, as well as indigo nail varnishes. This comes with magenta glassflecks and you can find the initial post here.

fancypants n1

fancypants n2

fancypants n3

fancypants n4

fancypants n5


fancypants nm

[China Glaze] Tart-y for the Party

Here is what is on my nails today; Tart-y for the Party is a bright lilac. I’ve had this for ages, but without even swatching it, and when I saw a girl lately with a similar shade on her nails (probably Essie), I digged this up from my stash.


Photos were taken only about two hours ago – and notice the flower wallpaper: This is my old room at my parents’ house, now used by my daughter when we are there. Things change – or not, since I am glad she likes the wallpaper! :mrgreen:

tart-y for the party1_zps4zvehfpt

tart-y for the party2_zps3perwzk9

tart-y for the party3_zpsggokt900

[China Glaze] Sunday Funday

So here we have another China Glaze, Sunday Funday. I really love this, it’s an awesome bright blue.


Applied on the nails, however, I found this shade hard to capture with the camera, so the bottle was replaced by Bäri Bäri.


Some more photos. There are mini sizes available of Hipp baby cream, always showing a baby animal with a scarf. They are limited editions and I got them all (however, they aren’t that many yet). 🙂


Photos were taken last summer, you might recognise my longer nails.


[Chanel] Charivari

I guess that I’m rarely posting shades from current collection. I don’t know why, but probably because they are shown on so many blogs much more popular than mine and with better photos 😉 , and not least, I love presenting older varnishes. Charivari, however, is one of Chanel’s current shades for spring, a dark dusty purple.


When I tried it first, I wasn’t that fond of it because it seemed a bit too dark and I would have loved the dusty elements showing up more dominantly, but under direct light, Charivari is a real beauty and pretty interesting. It’s probably also due to the lack of daylight that I had to get used to this colour. Shown below is two coats.





Photo taken with flash. You might have notices anyway. 😉


[China Glaze] Strap On Your Moonboots

Hit or miss, that’s probably what it is about holographic shades, or even more, textures. Strap On Your Moonboots has a night blue base and it is slightly iridescent.


Two coats, no top coat (most of them would dull the holographic effect, nevertheless, I made a couple good experiences with the Dior quick dry top coat).




Macro view.