[China Glaze] Flirty Tankini

I’m trying to get an overview regarding my China Glaze stash. Like this brand so much. So I recognised Flirty Tankini and that I hadn’t shown this yet. Here it comes, neon coral (with a hint of pink).

flirty tankini

flirty tankini0

Artificial light and the normal finish, which is semi-matte.

flirty tankini1

flirty tankini2

flirty tankini4

Here it is with a layer of top coat, which doesn’t really make a difference in the photos, I guess.

flirty tankini5

flirty tankini6

Close-up view.

flirty tankini m

[Chanel] Coralium (#562)

Coralium is my favourite shade of this year’s Chanel nail nail polishes for summer. It’s described as “milky coral” – but bright in a certain way.


Moreover, Coralium’s pigmentation is high, so it’s opaque after one coat, its formula reminding me of Resplendissant. These photos were taken under artificial light.

coralium562 1

coralium562 2_zpsc48wlrkx

coralium562 3_zpsfsurzlml


coralium562 4_zpsbdok0gzm

coralium562 5_zpswf1wyugx

coralium562 6_zpskonffywz

I will certainly be wearing Coralium a lot during this summer. 😎

[China Glaze] Tis The Sea-Sun

Pulling bright colours! Spring is here – we are expecting 16 degrees celsius tomorrow, so wow 😎 – and although Tis The Sea-Sun had initially been released for Christmas, it’s definitely a shade for warmer days too. The colour is coral with a hint of orange.

Tis The Sea-Sun_zpsoa62wnuz

Two coats applied.

tis the sea-sun1_zpsx8e1wodj

tis the sea-sun2_zpswdqlampd

tis the sea-sun3_zpsegpq2hjb

Artificial light.

tis the sea-sun4_zpsu67lx4sn

tis the sea-sun5_zpsqzuqjqvr

tis the sea-sun6_zpsvxfp9tok

[Chanel] Turban (524)

On to the next Chanel nail colour – Turban is a coral pink shade, actually brighter than in the bottle. I liked its colour instantly.


Two coats applied. I trired really hard to capture how pretty Turban is but had to struggle with the cloudy sky. Hence each photo with different lighting conditions … 😮





Picture taken indoors.