Glitter by Claire’s over Dior Optic White

I found this glitter top coat by Claire’s in my stash (I don’t think it has a proper name, at least I could not find any), took it to my mother’s and layered it over Dior Optic White.


One coat of the glitter over two coats Optic White. No idea for how long I’ve had the Claire’s, five years at least I assume.

opticwhite clairesglitter1

IMG_84opticwhite clairesglitter219

opticwhite clairesglitter3

opticwhite clairesglitter4


opticwhite clairesglitter m


[Chanel] Black Métamorphosis (over Blanc White)

So here is Black Métamorphosis, a transparent, black-tinted effect top coat. Looks nice in the bottle, at least …

black metamorphosis tinted top coat_zpswfvflkn0

I layered Black Métamorphosis over Blanc White, i. e. two coats of Blanc White and two coats of Black Métamorphosis. No clear top coat in this case, since it was just a swatch. Because I didn’t fell for this look. I should probably have added a third coat of Black Métamorphosis? Not sure.

black metamorphosis1_zpsiytq1lgk

black metamorphosis2_zpstbotbodj

black metamorphosis3_zpstdw4epqy

black metamorphosis4_zpspjy7woz6

[Chanel] Le Top Coat Clarté (over Wet ‘n’ Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint)

When it came to Le Top Coat Clarté, I had no particular idea about how to wear it. Its effect is beautiful, not too subtle, creating a pearl-like finish that is slightly iridescent and contains shimmer. It has a milky base and would give the nails a fresh, classy look when applied on its own.

le top coat clarte_zpsctzhtuah

So when I had I Need A Refresh-Mint on my nails (which I have not yet shown), I just topped it with Le Top Coat Clarté the next day. Really liked the result.





Since the fine pink shimmer is visible in the bottle but not in the pictures above, here is a close up view.

clarte m_zpstawvella