[Chanel] Gold Shimmer (#179)

Another one of my older Chanel nail varnishes. Gold Shimmer is (according to its name) gold with a proportion of bronze, and it also has a metallic finish.

gold shimmer179

Although I’ve had this for years I only applied it a couple of weeks ago. Two coats shown below.

gold shimmer179 1

gold shimmer179 2

gold shimmer179 3

Artificial lighting.

gold shimmer179 4

gold shimmer179 5


gold shimmer m

[Chanel] Opulence (#917)

Here’s Opulence, which combines bronze and copper  with the slightest hint of olive green. Minus the purple splash, this one is very close to Troublante. It’s maybe more an autumn than a Christmas colour but definitely made for shorter days.

Two coats applied. I forgot to mention that Opulence has a metallic shimmer.

Close-up photo.

[Chanel] Morocco (#37)

Well, hello! The past week was full of maths and I spent the weekend at my mothers and enjoyed “Frühjahrsmarkt” (kind of a fair), which was fun too. Although shops were open on Sunday and it was family day too, the small town in Lower Saxony wasn’t really crowded, nothing compared to Hamburg on a regular Saturday. :mrgreen: I am so happy that it’s finally spring – we had like 24 degrees celsius on Sunday – and so needed it for my mood. I’m definitely made for hot temperatures.

Which you would find in Morocco. The Chanel nail polish of the same name is brown with a silver shimmer, also containing hints of bronze. I don’t know how old it is, but it is certainly a vintage colour.


Application was two coats.

morocco37 1

morocco37 2

Artificial light.

morocco37 3

morocco37 4

morocco37 5

morocco37 6


morocco37 m1

[Dior] Blazing Bronze (#729)

Definitely a summer colour and perfect for sunny days: Blazing Bronze (which is more a brown bronze) is one of my favourite summer shades for this year. It’s packed with golden and bronze shimmer, which is already prominent in the bottle and also visible on the nails.

blazing bronze729_zpsplvx3frt

Two coats applied.

blazing bronze729 1_zpst91b23jh

blazing bronze729 2_zpsff07lbmq

blazing bronze729 3_zpspmrlgtwe

blazing bronze729 4_zpsdgrkbady

Close up picture.

blazing bronze729 m_zpsk8aihucn

[China Glaze] Meet Me In the Mirage

This is an older draft, from October. The garden in the background looks different now. 😉

Meet Me In the Mirage is a rose gold foil, also containing hints of bronze. Sparkly and pretty.

meet me in the mirage_zpszhodwk3e

Shown below is two coats. I had wanted to apply this for so long; it is more a summer colour, and a bit of sunshine would have brought out its sparkles.

meet me in the mirage1_zpssmmehpqj




Close-up view.

meet me in the mirage m_zpsvibtdusm

Czarina Gold (Or Tsarine) (916) – again

Back again. Although some Diors arrived during the past days – and I collected the brand new Skyline colours for autumn – I have not tried any new shades so far. Don’t know why, mainly because of the weather and due to lack of time. Less than one month and Fantasy Filmfest is going to start – it’s the 30th anniversary. So looking forward to eleven days of film addiction.

For the time being, here is Czarina Gold, which is actually a Christmas colour. But since I like wearing dark shades with bright sunlight (especially when they a a bit sparkling), I didn’t mind. 😉 Brown and bronze base with tons of glassflecks which come in olive and gold. I had posted this before, in 2012.

Two coats shown below.






Close-up picture.

czarinagold m_zpsp647grhd

[Chanel] Golden Sand (317)

Golden Sand lives up to its name; this one is a muted gold (gold and bronze) shade presenting a pearl finish (thus it can get a bit streaky).


Two coats shown below – direct sunlight.

goldensand317 1_zpskmzzqead

goldensand317 2_zps8qukazr4
goldensand317 3_zps192yfgfa
Cloudy sky.

goldensand317 4_zpsahh1wwvh

Close-up view.

goldensand317 m_zpsycvrdrec

Programmes and timetables for Fantasy Filmfest are now online, really early this year, although screenings in Berlin will start on 17 August (with Hamburg being the last festival city from 8-18 September). So what I have been basically doing for the last days was watching film trailers. :mrgreen: I really can’t wait!

[Chanel] Patine (Garland)

Another vintage Chanel nail varnish. Patine/Garland is basically bronze with a visible hint of copper and golden shimmer.

patine garland_zpsbspcsl0t

Surprisingly, it looked good with my skin tone and I really liked it on my nails. In addition, this is very easy to combine with every make-up or clothes. 🙂



Close-up view.

patinegarland m_zpsvao3ng9l