[China Glaze] Lukewarm Wishes

Thank you for your kindness and condolences regarding my beloved mother. I miss her endlessly and still can’t believe it. She’s with my father now, I’m sure.

I think I should get back to nail polishes by presenting Lukewarm Wishes … I still had it on my nails when I last held my mother. This is actually (I believe) a topper, with a milky, semi-sheer base and iridescent blue microglitter.

lukewarm wishes

Application was three coats.

lukewarm wishes1

lukewarm wishes2

lukewarm wishes3

lukewarm wishes4

lukewarm wishes5

Macro photo.

lukewarm wishes m

I actually have tickets for The Grinch on Christmas Day (I’ll be spending the next two days in Hamburg). This week, I met with an old schoolmate of mine and her two daughters, and our mothers had been friends too. We also gave some biscuits to our neighbours, a sweet elderly couple.

[Chanel] Opulence (#917)

Here’s Opulence, which combines bronze and copper  with the slightest hint of olive green. Minus the purple splash, this one is very close to Troublante. It’s maybe more an autumn than a Christmas colour but definitely made for shorter days.

Two coats applied. I forgot to mention that Opulence has a metallic shimmer.

Close-up photo.

[China Glaze] Don’t Mesh With Me

Don’t Mesh With Me. In the first place: Cool name. It’s mainly glitter, lilac bits in a slightly blue-tinted base. Thus the effect is a bit iridescent.

dont mesh with me_zpsdfcwxgzp

However, Don’t Mesh With Me needed three coats to look opaque. It would be great for layering – will probably try this too, because overall, I like this colour.

dont mesh with me1_zpstvru9v4g

dont mesh with me2_zps6uhbtptc

Outdoors; we were on the way to “Japan Xmas”, a first-time Japanese Christmas market. They had so much Japanese stuff, everything ranging from sweets to DVDs, cute plushies, cosplay stuff (many people wore their cosplay outfits, there was even a competition), tons of food … which was popular, so very long queues. I would have loved a BEnto box or Japanese Crêpes, but no chance to get through. Thus we had mashed potato in a nearby deli, haha!

dont mesh with me4_zpsy2dnezss

Close-up view.

dont mesh with me m_zpsyjxttkzj

dont mesh with me5_zps1ns0dpao

[Essence] Meet Me Midnight

This is from the current Midnight Masquerade collection and reminds me of Chanel Ombre Essentielle “Swing” eyeshadow, only as nail varnish. They are a perfect match. Meet Me Midnight is a blue glitter polish; the small glitter being so dense that I’m not sure whether it has a blackened base … It’s also a bit iridescent, shifting from medium blue to dark blue, sometimes with a hint of purple.

meet me midnight_zpsxskubocz

Two coats shown below. I had slight issues with the stubborn brush, maybe because I have not applied Essence nail colours for quite a while and because of the bristles being cut straight at the tip. But then I got the trick and the second coat was flawless.

meet me midnight1_zpsv6o8jyqg

meet me midnight2_zpscii9tidp

meet me midnight3_zpsllthuups

meet me midnight4_zpsxqgroilx

meet me midnight5_zpsth24byjt

Close-up views.

meet me midnight m_zpsxptzhnkh meet me midnight m2_zpsbrpe2aj7

[A England] Waltz Of the Flowers

Waltz Of the Flowers (which I thought I had shown before). This is a pretty lilac holographic shade, also slightly iridescent.

Waltz Of the Flowers_zps5bf4wbot

Don’t get mistaken by the photos – we are in the middle of a heatwave now, which I had wished for when I actually took the pictures about a week ago. Two coats shown below.

waltz of the flowers1_zps6fmwukvk

waltz of the flowers2_zpsq4fgqpyz

waltz of the flowers3_zpsg4yjdyyh

waltz of the flowers4_zpsnctyw3hp

Close-up view.

waltz of the flowers m_zpsr3x3afvw

We are finally in Lower Saxony at my mother’s place, and I am enjoying the garden view. Did you know that I was collecting high-end perfumes initially? (Guess I have not mentioned before.) That is, I have been collecting ballpens since school and am still after them. As for perfume, it all started with duty-free Chanel and then simply evolved. I had quite a collection which I also used (same as I’m applying my nail varnishes), but when I got pregnant I could not stand most scents any more, and that was when I either gave them away or also threw them away (what an idiot, I know) – and kept a few bottles. I should actually just have given them to my mother, which would have been a wiser choice.

I remembered my passion for perfume because I received a sample of Jil Sander Sun about two weeks ago, and this had been my favourite for the summer for a long time. Still loving it to bits. So much for this. 🙂

[Essence] Chrome Paradise

My daughter put this on her nails yesterday (she’s doing her nails on her own now 🙂 ) and I thought I could post this – with my own nails. Chrome Paradise combines dark green, grey/silver and purple shades with an iridescent shimmer finish. Quite complex and pretty.

chrome paradise_zpsktzaw6v6

Two coats applied.

chrome paradise1_zpsw9biiyvl

chrome paradise2_zpsvdxkwend

chrome paradise3_zpsh3yzs47u

chrome paradise4_zpsdibcpywn

Close-up photo.

chrome paradise m_zpskxe9cl2n

[Essence] Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild, another birthday present I received from my daughter and my mother. And again they put much effort in selecting brilliant shades. Moreover, I like effect nail varnishes, especially when Christmas is near (and it is, less than one month to go 😯 ).This is an iridescent teal/petrol with metallic finish.

Born to Be Wild

Two coats applied.

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Macro picture.

Born to Be Wild

[Dior] Gris-Or (227)

(Comments are manually approved at present but this is only temporarily. I have not become paranoid over night, just a precaution maybe. Don’t take it personally. I was kind of at variance with a long-term reader and sort of acquaintance, a matter I dedicated more attention than it deserved. So that’s why.)

This is Gris-Or, really pretty – gold and grey with hints of pink and lilac. Moreover, it’s iridescent with a shimmer finish.


Two coats shown below and this really put me in the mood for Christmas. I am not a huge fan of golden-based shades but thanks to the visible proportion of grey, and pink flashing through depending on the lighting, I liked Gris-Or on my nails.

gris-or227 1_zpsiwaovzb0

gris-or227 2_zpsuytrkzuk

gris-or227 3_zps7r1f9ud3

gris-or227 4_zpsnhyibjlt

gris-or227 5_zpsfx2mzfbx

Close-up view.

gris-or227 m1_zpsgynrwnez